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Random thoughts on a snowy Wednesday night.

Hmm…and now comes the writer’s block. This is why I write everyday – to get in the habit of writing. The more I write, the better at writing I become. So it is with anything – the more one does, the better one gets.

I was listening to Earl Nigntingale yesterday, to his “The Strangest Secret” recording. One particular point I remember is that, we become what we think about most of the time. This is why positive thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy – and why happiness is really a state of mind.

I am currently in the middle of writing my PhD thesis in pure math. My topic has to do with the evaluation of a certain type of Gauss sum, which leads to applications in the number of solutions to ternary quadratic equations over the integers. I’ve proved a general case for my Gauss sum, which is very good, as that’s new, publishable research. I still have to prove some remaining zero cases and write up the solution in general so that it agrees with known research. In all likelihood, I’ll be graduating in December of this year. 

Then what? I like academia and it’s “never work on mondays or fridays” approach – so that I effectively have a 3 day work week. That would be ideal. But then again, working from home would be best.

Sneakers are expensive. I need new lifting shoes, but I *really* need new outdoor walking shoes. Of course, I don’t make much money as a grad student, so that’s filed away on my ‘want to buy’ list. I remember back when I made money and had my own apartment. Man, that was sweet – of course, I’ll never trade my soul for money again. I know that in a very short time I’ll be back in my own apartment – and soon I’ll have my own power rack and olympic barbell – my own soundproof drumming room… Oooh yeah. The future’s gonna be sweet, provided I work here in the present.

15 minutes up – daily writing commitment achieved! Even though what appears above can barely be classified as writing!


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