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Rain Boots and eBooks

Little more than an hour to go until the Ottawa Senators play the Boston Bruins!

Man, there’s a lot of things I want. There’s new outdoor walking shoes, indoor lifting shoes, rain boots, elbow sleeve for lifting, a bigger desk, my own house, etc… 

The weather sucks today. I got an immediate ‘soaker’ leaving the house this morning for the gym. This is why I think I need rain boots. Wet socks has got to be one of the worst sensations there is.

Pretty productive day so far – went to the gym, studied section 14.1, finished another assignment question. Now just trying to get my 15 daily minutes of writing done. Don’t got anything good to write about.

Well, let me write about my plan then. My plan is first, to write everyday for a period of time in order to develop my writing style and find my audience. During this time, I will also be working on Goals with Greg, and developing that website into my own creation. In fact, in March, I will start working on a free e-book containing some of my best thoughts so far on goals, and why you should have a goal.

Subsequently, I hope to introduce ads and/or a donation button. Hopefully my blogs will be entertaining enough to earn me a decent amount of money. I don’t plan on becoming rich by blogging, but if I earned enough each month to cover groceries or rent, that would be awesome!

Anyhoo, that’s more of a screedy-scramble than a plan. But that’s the idea.

My idea for GwG is to first provide a free e-book, mainly outlining the reasons why you should have a goal, how your life will be better with goals, and how to get started with goals. Ultimately, I would like to write an ebook about goals which I could sell for a small amount. No more than 5 or 10 bucks, I think – or perhaps pay what you like? That can be hashed out later.

But I believe I could sell an ebook I’ve written about goals. I know a lot about goals, both from reading about them and also from setting and achieving them. I truly believe that I could help a lot of people better their lives if I could get them hooked on goals. Best of all, if I help enough people get what they want, they will help me get what I want. And I want a lot of stuff… new outdoor sneakers, rain boots…


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