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Rough plan for monster custom loop build

So I’m looking to buy a new computer soon. I’m getting a tax return soon, and the University just gave me another scholarship, so I’ve got quite a lot of money to spend. And I’m thinking of going huge and building a monster. I plan on water cooling my CPU with a custom loop, with an eye to further expanding it to the graphics card down the line when I get a 2nd graphics card and SLI them together.

For the case, I’m looking at something high-end like the Silverstone TJ07. It’s a massive full-tower which looks sleek and has lots of room for a custom loop. I still haven’t decided on a colour scheme for the build – but it would be easier if I went with a scheme that complements the case, so I don’t have to repaint it. I think black case with a black and dark blue colour scheme would look good.

The chip I figure I’ll stick with the intel i7-3770k. It’s got great reviews and is already primed for overclocking. If I wanted to go super high-end, I’d choose the intel i7-3930k, but the 3770k is already pretty goddamn fast and powerful.

For the motherboard, I keep hearing a lot of great things about the Asus Sabretooth Z77. It’s got a wicked cool name, and a very sleek, distinct look about it. I may go with this MOBO, but the Gigabyte Z77’s and AsRock Z77’s are also great for a lot cheaper. I’m still undecided on the MOBO, but it should be one of the aforementioned mid-range cards. As long as the MOBO accepts 4 slots of DIMM for a max of 32GB, I’ll be happy.

RAM is RAM, as far as I’m concerned. The MOBO should have 4 DIMM slots, so I’ll probably pick up 2x8GB of RAM – with an eye towards picking up another 16GB a couple years down the line. I was looking at starting right away with 32GB of RAM, but that’s WAYYYY too much for any current applications I have. Heck, 16GB is already probably too much just for gaming! In any case, the price of RAM is increasing at the moment, so I’ll take whatever the best option is at the time.

The video card…. Now here’s where the tough choice comes. Should I get one big card or two little cards and SLI/Crossfire them. Since this is my first water cooled build, I’ll stick with one big card and then look towards getting a 2nd of the same card 6 months/1 year down the line, at which point I’ll expand my custom loop. I think I will likely get a GTX 670 or GTX 680. Graphics cards are just starting to come out with multiple GPU’s on board, so those are going to be expensive for the next little while. I’ll stick with a high end, single GPU card for now – 2GB of RAM or more.

For a PSU, I’ll go for a gold rating @ 850W or 1000W. I think 850W is plenty sufficient, but I don’t want to have to get a new power supply a couple years into the life of the build.

I’ve already got a 1TB Sata drive – maybe pick up a 256GB SSD for super quick OS loading and to hold my current game of choice? Probably.

Then finally I’ll get a water cooling kit from XSPC. All this should run me somewhere around $2000 Canadian, including taxes and shipping. One thing’s for sure, I’ve spend a lot of time researching computer parts and not enough time on my Galois theory homework.


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Comedian ramble damble

Ramble damble – hit the handle.

I’m fresh out of ideas today – it’s Tuesday, which means I’ve had a strenuous 4 hour work day at the University. But on top of that, I did squats this morning, then walked the 5km to school and back. My feet and legs hurt and I’m tired and cranky.

13 minutes to go. Ticking clock… adds a sense of urgency to the blog. I’m taking this countdown technique from Bill Burr – a stand-up comedian who was famously heckled in Philadelphia, and so trashed the city for his entire set. It was awesome – Bill Burr is the shiznit.

12 minutes to go. I suppose I could mention the stand-up comedians that I like – have I done that post already? I feel like I haven’t… so here we go.

George Carlin for sure – I saw him live on his second to last tour and he was hy-sterical.

Ricky Gervais – never seen the Office though.

Stephen Merchant – not as original as Gervais, but still really funny. His bit about being a 6’7 door-to-door salesman was a marvel of physical comedy. Also his encore bit was easily the best comedian encore bit I’ve ever seen.

Dara O’Briain – He hosts Mock The Week – a brilliant BBC panel show, second only to QI. He’s goddamn funny.

Eddie Murphy – Raw and Delirious. Epics.

Chris Rock – The best of the black observational comedians. I saw him on his monster 200+ day comedy world tour. He’s got his inimitable style and is a unique voice. Probably in my top 5 of comedians.

Dave Chappelle – Inherently funny voice and weed enthusiast. Love him. He’s more straight-up silly than observational, but is always very insightful.

David Cross – Also has an inherently funny voice, a great mimic of character and voices. His CD, “Shut up you fucking baby” was transcendent. He’s probably my favorite stand-up comedian.

Louis C.K. – He’s awesome.

There’s definitely more I’m forgetting – but my 15 minutes are up! I think I’ll revisit stand-up comedians more thoroughly in the future.

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Ethiopian Food

So I went and ate Ethiopian food tonight with my buddy and his fiancée. For the past few months, I’ve been on a real ‘try new foods!’ kick – because

a) I’m a picky eater, and I’ve managed to get bored with pizza and burgers, so I want to see what other cultures can do with beef and fatty meats with melted cheeses, and

b) One of my New Years resolutions was to try new things.

Some of the previous ‘foodie’ type things I went to were a Thai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant and an Indian restaurant. (Yeah, these aren’t really ‘foodie’ places, just ethnic food places – which is pretty much the same to me.) Anyhoo, today I tried Ethiopian. (And I suspect the main reason I tried Ethiopian was that The Simpsons had an episode where Marge and the kids became ‘foodies’, and the first place they tried was an Ethiopian joint. Most of my life decisions are based on what I’ve seen in Simpsons episodes.)

Anyhoo, Ethiopian food is different from other food, mostly in the way you eat it. They give you rolled up pieces of spongy bread (called ‘injera’) that you use as a utensil. For the meal, they give you a bunch of meat and veggies all minced up into a sort of stew, then you use the injera as an all purpose fork/spoon and scoop the meat into your mouth.

Now, the food itself is really tasty. But since we were given a platter, I couldn’t tell which stew was what meat or how it was prepared. So next time I go back, I’ll order a specific dish so I can more fully appreciate it.

If I had a criticism, it’s that there’s not much variety from one stew to the next. Y’know, this one might be a little spicier than the other – but each stew had a tomato/bean base and all used similar spices. But then again, I’m a pretty unsophisticated eater, so it could certainly be that my palate isn’t advance enough to appreciate the subtleties.

However, what I really liked was the way we ate the food. Using bread as a fork! Brilliant! More restaurants should do this. I sort of think if I could use a bit of croissant as a fork to scoop bacon into my mouth – that would be some sort of genius cultural misappropriation. If I could grab a slice of white bread, use it to grab some ham and cheese, then dunk it in some horseradish mayo? Fuggedaboutit! Man, this is the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m gonna call this, “Eating Ethiopian style” and make a chain of restaurants. I’ll make a million.

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Apple & Cinnamon play Pandemic!

Let me tell you about an awesome board game called Pandemic.

Pandemic is a cooperative game, in which you have to move your pieces around the board in such a way to stop various epidemics from spreading. The object of the game is to cure all the pandemics before either

  • there’s too many outbreaks
  • there’s no more cities to be infected
  • you run out of virus pieces to infect cities with
  • you run out of cards to cure cities with.

In fact, the loss conditions are much more easily attained than the victory condition. Here, take a look at the board.


So there’s a maximum of 4 players, and each player turn goes like this:

  1. The player gets to spend 4 action points. (So, move a space, cure one disease, build a research center, etc…)
  2. Draw 2 cure cards. (If you have 5 cards of the same colour, you can use them to cure a virus. Also, there’s special cards in the cure deck that let you do exotic things…)
  3. Draw a certain number of infection cards. For each card flipped over, put a virus piece in that city. (If a city has more than 3 virus pieces, it experiences an outbreak, which means each neighboring territory gets a similarly colored virus piece.)

If this sounds confusing, here’s a quick video (featuring Wil Wheaton!!) playing Pandemic. If you can get past the overall geekiness, and the beta way all the men act towards the pretty girl, you’ll find an obscenely fun board game.

I first played this with my buddy, Apple. (He’s Apple, I’m Cinnamon, together we fight breakfast related crimes.) We played 3 or 4 times that first night – and didn’t manage to win once. I played again with Apple last night – we played the ‘easy’ variation for the first game, and won that rather handily. Then we moved up to the ‘hard’ or regular mode and played that a couple times. The first game, we got spanked – viruses overran humanity and doomed us all.

The second game, we played very strategically, debating every move, paying attention to all the colour cards. With 3 moves to go, I thought I saw a way to win the game. So Apple and I made this 3 move strategy which would end with me curing the last remaining disease with my last move. So we go on with the plan, and it’s my move – the balance of the game is so delicate at this point, if I draw a card (that is, don’t win the game after using up all my action points), then all the cards are gone and we lose the game. I have 4 action points, and we’re executing our strategy and it looks like we’re about to win the game. But then horror dawns upon us, as we realize we have under counted our moves by 1. Which means we lose the game.

BAM!! I can’t tell you how crestfallen we both were. Apple was looking through the rules to make sure we didn’t overlook anything that would give us an extra action point. I think I just sort of sat unblinking for awhile. As far as Pandemic goes, we had played an unbelievable game, then lost by 1 move.

By analogy, that’s like training for 4 years for the Olympics, and losing out on gold by 1 second. Board game or not, it’s still heartbreaking.

And that’s why Pandemic is awesome!

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Video games I like

So I’ve been playing this game called Kerbal Space Program recently. It’s still in Alpha phase, so it’s just a sandbox type game at the moment – but what a sandbox! The basic premise is as follows: here’s a bunch of rocket parts, make a rocket. You exist in a fully 3d world with it’s own physics engine (which is pretty darn close to the real thing) – and the world is pretty much infinitely scalable, which means you can zoom out from the planet you’re on to a big overview of the solar system. The scale is really phenomenal – luckily there’s a time warp button, because it’s totally possible to build a rocket that can, not only land on the moon, but other planets as well! 

I have to say, originally, I just downloaded a bootleg copy to try it out. But once I saw that it was consistently being updated, and due to the quality of the game, I knew I had to buy it. I’ve spent maybe 5 or 6 hours fiddling around with the game – I’ve managed to build a rocket to put a space capsule into low Earth orbit, but I haven’t been able to land anything successfully on the moon yet. (Although I have crashed a number of astronauts into the moon’s surface!)

Basically, Kerbal Space Program is a phenomenal flight sim. There’s so much possibility with the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became HUGE in the future. Like, Minecraft huge – it’s that good. (And I get bored with minecraft really quickly – not so with Kerbal Space Program.)

As it happens, I’m pretty picky with videogames. I’m not a big fan of button mashers, RPG’s or first person shooters. I generally stick to strategy games and puzzle games. Some of my favourites are Portal, Portal 2, Civilization 4 and Orcs Must Die.

Now, for me, Orcs Must Die is a first person shooter I actually enjoy. There’s a number of factors – primary among them is that it’s not just an FPS, but is also a tower defense game. The way it works is that you play a hero that needs to defend his world from a bunch of rampaging Orcs. So you have to play a number of levels, and every level you get a number of traps. But best of all, the whole thing has a cartoon-y appearance, which is just aces in my books.

I guess I should specify that these are all PC games – the only thing I play on Xbox is NHL13 and Grid. (Soon to be Grid 2.) My PC is about 3 years old – but I bought it on the cheap, and it is definitely not a gaming machine. This means I can’t play the newest and bestest games. However, since I got a scholarship recently, I’m looking forward to pissing it all away on a new computer. Awesome!

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Relates to my last two posts

Amanda Blum

Let me get this out of the way:  I don’t like Adria Richards. I think I have good reason to not like Adria Richards. So I should be feeling some major Schadenfreude right now. Instead, though, I think what’s unfolded in the developer community in recent days has been a tragedy. Here’s why.

  • Adria Richards was an attendee at PyCon, a tech conference, as part of her job as a developer evangelist at Sendgrid, a tech company that manages emails.
  • She took offense to a conversation two men, also developers for a company called Play Haven, were having behind her during the conference, in which they referenced “dongles” and “forking”. Both of these are tech terms, they were construed to be used sexually on Adria’s part.
  • Without ever mentioning her offense to the men, she took their picture, posted it to twitter and asked PyCon to do something about it.
  • Play…

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Don’t bully hardcore super nerds

Wow. That cunt I talked about yesterday and the drama surrounding her got even bigger today, as she got fired from her job.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one offended by her actions – turns out a lot of other people were offended as well. Not just any types of people, hardcore super nerds – especially hardcore super nerds in programming. (I’m a hardcore super nerd in math, as an example of a particular type of hardcore super nerd.) The one thing I know about hardcore super nerds, they have inevitably been picked on at some point in their life. At least one bully has made life a living hell for any hardcore super nerd. So when hardcore super nerds see some of their own people being bullied, they get upset.

But crazy shit starts to happen when hardcore super nerds get upset, because hardcore super nerds CONTROL THE INTERNET! Look, the internet is built, maintained and organized by hardcore super nerds. Any revolutions in the internet have and will only come from hardcore super nerds. So when you piss off the people who control the greatest informational tool the world has ever known, you are in a world of hurt.

And that’s what happened to this dumb cunt. She bullied two poor guys out of a conference and then publicly bullied them on twitter. Once the manosphere and 4chan got ahold of it, predictably, death threats and rape threats followed on Twitter, followed by a DDOS of her employer, public doxxing. Further, her employer’s customers may have been harassed, and all sorts of vile, malicious stuff.

Now, obviously, I don’t condone any of the above actions, and I certainly don’t think this woman should’ve been threatened with rape or death. But the internet has shown us time and time again that it is capable of unspeakable horrors. (I didn’t link to any of the *real* horrors.)

So what’s the lesson from all this? Many people on Twitter seem to think she was “speaking out against sexism” – except, of course, she wasn’t. The remarks about “dongles” and “forking” were mildly sexual puns, and sexual doesn’t equate to sexist or sexism. If the guys had been saying, “No woman can handle my dongle” – that’s more in line with sexist. But they weren’t, they were making puns.

Personally, I think the lesson here is that if you’re offended by the speech of someone else, ask them to stop or leave their company. The principle of free speech is more important than your feelings. Also, don’t use the internet to do your bullying, because the internet does not like bullies, and will then paradoxically bully you to death.

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An unfathomable cunt.

If there’s one thing that pisses me off, it’s people who think they’re standing up for what’s right, when really, they’re being weasels.

Case in point: this dumb cunt.

TLDR goes like this: A feminist crusader is at a tech conference, where she overhears a couple guys make a joke about ‘dongles’ and ‘forking.’ (Dongles and forking are tech terms that can be made into any number of obvious puns.) Naturally, she overreacts in an hysterical manner – instead of talking to the guys that made the joke and asking them to stop (or, y’know, she could stop eavesdropping) she gets security to kick them out of the conference. Later, one of the men (with three kids) gets fired from his job. The bitch in question then goes onto say, “Yesterday the future of programming was on the line and I made myself heard.”

First of all, the ‘future of programming’ was not on the line. If she had done nothing instead of her histrionics, programming would still be continuing today. Further, this actually harms the very ideal this cunt thought she was defending, namely, ‘including women in tech.’ Did her actions make it more likely for men to include women in the future, or less likely? If all the men at tech conferences know that they can be escorted out at any time if a woman doesn’t like their jokes, why on Earth would they go about including women? If including women makes it more likely that men’ll get kicked out (and possibly lose their job!), what incentives do they have to include women?

Further, this bitch claims she stood up for women’s rights! No, no you didn’t. No person has the right to never be offended. You don’t have a right to “feel” safe – it may be your preference, but it sure isn’t a goddamn right.

Finally, her rationalization for the whole thing; 

I saw a photo on main stage of a little girl who had been in the Young Coders workshop. I realized I had to do something or she would never have the chance to learn and love programming because the ass clowns behind me would make it impossible for her to do so.

That’s the worst rationalization I’ve ever heard. Jokes about ‘dongles’ make it IMPOSSIBLE for a women to learn tech?! Fuck off with this shit… Read up about Sophie Germain, you’ll find that women who are passionate about a male-dominated subject, and who are talented, will find a way to get their voice heard. 

God, dumb cunts like this make me mad. I’ll be glad once the intellectually bankrupt movement known as feminism implodes on itself.



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Crazy WWII Conspiracy Theories

It’s the start of the 2nd period in the Sens/Islanders game and it’s 2-1 for the badguys. Boo.

So the Pope‘s in the news for wanting to help the weak and the poor. Here’s a hint, Bergoglio, why not use the massive stores of wealth the Vatican made while hustling Nazis out of Germany after WWII?

Let me tell you about The Ratlines. The Ratlines were human trafficking corridors used to get Nazis out of Germany at the end of, and well after, WWII. Most of these Nazis went to South America – Argentina in particular, was very sympathetic to the Nazis and fascists. (Those Argentinian death squads was just a continuation of the SS.)

Anyhoo, the idea of a Ratline was for a long time, just a ‘conspiracy theory.’ As it turns out to be true, it makes me wonder if any of those other crazy WWII conspiracies are true?

I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories about Hitler – he was a British agent, he was a coprophile (uh…likes to be shit on, sexually – don’t ask me how that works), he had one ball, etc… Those are a bit dubious. The ones that are more likely are

  • he was gay
  • he was part Jewish
  • he was a puppet for the wealthy elite.

The gay thing is recounted in some WWI memoirs by someone who served in the same unit as Hitler. The Jewish ancestry comes from his father being the bastard son of a Rothschild (or maybe he himself was the bastard son of a Rothschild – something along those lines.) And then he being a puppet for the wealthy elite – well, all wartime politicians are in the pockets of someone.

And those are just the ones about Hitler. There’s one about Rudolph Hess was a British agent from the start – which is why he flew to Britain during the middle of the war. There’s the trips the Nazis took to Antarctica in 1938, and how its likely there’s a secret base in Antarctica. This ties into the secret Nazi space progam, and how its likely that most of the UFO sightings since then are really Nazi flying discs. (And of course, Nazis on the moon is true!)

There’s the one about how Japan tested an atomic bomb in early 1945. Or that all the stolen Chinese gold was buried by the Japanese in The Philippines somewhere, and the treasure is so great that it’s announcement could destabilize the world economy. I’m sure there’s more Japanese conspiracy theories that I’m forgetting – Japan had their own secret human experiments, so don’t think there’s nothing hidden in their archives.

Now it’s 3-1 Islanders. Crap.

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The continuing adventures of Honey Bunches

Ho hum, another boring day in my awesome life. Did I mention my psychic powers of influence and cuteness?


Wait a sec… Do I sm-… that’s… that’s bacon! Bacon!


Hey guys, do you smell it too? We’re all gonna get some bacon! Woo… oh man I love bacon…


Uh…hhhhwhat? Only filthy humans get bacon?


Psssh. Fine, be like that. I’ll see you assholes later, I gotta see a bitch about a bone.


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