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Lifting and a woman I should’ve hit in the face with a dumbbell

Welp, it’s Friday. Three day weekend for me, ’cause I’m a grad student and I’ve managed to schedule no class for Mondays. I’ve also got no class on Wednesdays, so my work week is only 3 days. Why would I ever leave academia?

The problem with my gym is that it isn’t a gym, it’s a community centre. This is good, because membership is so cheap, but it’s bad because of all the ‘characters’ one encounters. For instance, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from about 9:00 – 11:00, a group of old, handicapped and retarded people come work out in the gym. Now, this isn’t too bad – aside from some of the retards in wheelchairs not looking where they’re going – but this workout session is always run by volunteers, and none of these volunteers have any sort of weight room etiquette.

Last week, while I was doing bent over rows in the squat rack, a lady starting talking about how they were going to move the bars when the next person used the rack. And they were doing this – while I was doing my bent over rows! I mean, christ almighty – first of all, you’re going to get seriously hurt when I hit you with the bar – second, it’s the responsibility of everyone to not get in people’s way when they’re lifting very heavy objects. Of course, I wanted to tell them to “fuck off” and maybe break their shins or something – but I don’t want to start a fight with people I see three times a week.

However, the worst part of these volunteers, is that they park an invalid in the power rack for an hour, so she can half-heartedly pull at some resistance bands and then lapse back into semi-unconsciousness. Yeah, the most versatile piece of weight lifting equipment is where you want to pull on exercise bands – not on, say, a bar on the wall, which goes all along the wall and can be easily accessed by someone in a wheelchair.

There’s also this fat, ignorant old lady who behaves imperiously in the weight room. Typically, she’ll just walk right into your workout space – I’ve hit her two or three times when she walked by while I was on the bench. I’ve told her several times to either move her stuff out of the way or to get out of the way. Today, I was doing dumbbell front raises in front of the dumbbell rack – and the way I’m positioned, there’s about a foot of free space in between me and the dumbbell rack, and meters of free space behind me. So as I’m raising the dumbbells in front of me, she walks right through my space, staring straight at me the whole time while she did so – I was so goddamn angry I could’ve beat her to death right there.

So, despite all the anger I feel towards these ignorant morons, I’m lucky in that, I’m already at the gym – so I can immediately channel that anger into good lifts.

I don’t like being angry – first of all, I believe that whatever we think about most often, we become. And I don’t want to become an angry old man. Second, being angry takes up tremendous energy – and it’s certainly bad for our health, what with the concomitant stress and anxiety. Finally, these above matters at the gym are petty, and pretty small complaints in the grand scheme of things.

However, I don’t mind being angry in the gym. It sure helps my lifts.


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