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Weekend ramble damble

Another Saturday is upon us. As I get older and more into goals, I start to feel that weekends are for getting up early and getting stuff done. Looks like I’m becoming Calvin’s dad.

Calvin's Dad

Still, I feel that weekends aren’t for going out and getting trashed. Sure, it’s fun to get drunk and stuff, but it is really worth the hangover, the cost and the calories? Not to me. I can remember, even when I was in high school, all the kids with stories that began, “…I got soooo trashed last night!” never impressed me.There was a period there in my 20’s when I enjoyed getting drunk every weekend – but man did that wear off quick.

Because, unsaid in this whole thing, is the fact that usually one goes out drinking with friends in a pub or club. (Have I ever stayed home and gotten drunk with friends? Hmm… maybe it happened accidentally, but that was never the plan.) My problem with pubs and clubs is that, after about 30 minutes, I cease being able to hear anything. This stems from playing the drums as a teen and how my hearing becomes reduced to only hearing the bass after any period of obscenely loud music.

Anyhoo, I’m sure I sound like a grumpy old man, yammering away about the younger generation and how they’re not as good as my generation. What was the point I was trying to make? Oh yeah – weekends are for work.

Now, if you own a house, you’re going to be saddled with shitty yard work for the rest of your life. As such, I would recommend you don’t do this on the weekends. Do it on weeknights. The weekend should be for working on your goals, and nothing shortcuts your motivation quicker than boring, manual labour. (Of course, if you’re a green lawn fanatic, go nuts!)

To my mind, the weekends are all about getting up early, drinking some coffee and reviewing your goals for the day, then getting to work all day. I’d probably knock off work early, say 4 or 5 – that gives me plenty of time to get stuff done and then have a social life. However, as I’m pretty introverted, I don’t mind only going with friends once every few weeks. I’d love staying home with a book or something like that. Also, most Saturday nights I try to go to bed early – because come Sunday morning, that gym is going to be empty – so I can thump down the weights on deadlifts and make Metallica faces without getting looks from people. Man I love an empty gym!

Anyhoo, this seems to be a ramble-damble with no real point. However, my 15 minutes of free writing is done for the day! Another task accomplished! Weekends are for getting things done!


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