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An uncooperative box

Well, my computer died over the weekend. I’ve been spending the past two days trying to get it back up to speed.

It all started Sunday morning when my network card decided it didn’t want to give me internet access. I had network access – gee, thanks network card! – but couldn’t connect to the internet for some baffling computer reason. Anyhoo, I uninstall and reinstall my network card drivers and then the network card wouldn’t even detect any networks!

Christ – so I completely uninstalled all the network stuff, took out the card from the box and did a full reinstall. Didn’t work. I go to my Windows 7 install disc to look for network recovery tools – and while I’m doing so there’s some fatal read error somewhere and BOOOM! There goes Windows. Worst of all, my Win7 install disc has the error! 

So I manage to get a copy of Windows Vista on there – holy shitting ducks does Vista suck. I found out from my roommate that I can get a free OS through my university account. Sweet – so I spend a good 4 hours downloading a copy of Win7 – but it turns out there’s 2 versions of Win 7 for download; Win7 regular and Win7 debugged. I thought that debugged was a good thing – but it isn’t. So that 4 hours spent downloading – and then 1.5 hours to install – was a complete wasted, as Win7 debugged is only for test workstations or craziness like that. Murder! So I spend another 4 hours this morning downloading the other version – and finally a few hours ago my box was back up to running.

Now I’ve got to download all the shows I was watching – all my music, movies – all my math editing software… Ugh.

It’s sort of fun to start a brand new workstation from scratch – but it’s a pain in the ass when it’s unexpected.


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