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Ramble damble – I’m IMDB and near Wesley Crusher

If you ever have some menial task to do in front of the computer – or you’re studying or at the gym, listen to epic music. Seriously, it’s been proven by science that’s it physically impossible not to feel like an epic badass when listening to epic music. EPIC!

I’ll tell you which epic does suck – Epic by … oh, what’s their name. They were on guitar hero… their singer is mike…patton? Mike Bordin? Faith no more? Is that a thing? Why am I writing out the guesses when I could spend 2 seconds on the internet checking these things. Who knows – anyhoo, I think Faith No More sounds about right – it was a rap/rock song called Epic and it’s pretty terrible.

Anyhoo – I pulled my butt muscle at the gym. Both cheeks! I didn’t even know one could pull their glutes – especially since I’m basically sitting on my ass all day, I’m sure that’s a lot like stretching. I’ve read on the internet about this thing called… “foam rolling” – which is a thing for sore muscles. Apparently foam rolling is like liquid heroin for your muscles. I think I might be embarrassed if I was foam rolling my ass in the gym and going, “Oooooooh mmmmmm…. does that ever feel good!” I mean, I know I work out in a community centre, and there are some local characters – but that’s probably too weird even for the community centre.

Hmm…still pretty writer’s blockied. But I guess this is what happens when I’ve got a blog with no central premise. I just write about whatever comes to mind – but nothing’s really coming to mind. So now I’m writing about writers block which is probably been done before in a movie – actually, probably lots of movies. Off the top of my head – Adaptation almost certainly wrote about it. Wasn’t the whole movie basically about how Kaufman couldn’t find a way to finish his script. And then Brian Cox tells him not to use a Deus Ex Machina – but then an alligator eats Chris Cooper which is itself a Deux Ex Machina? Yeah… I think so. And there’s probably others.

Anyhoo, I don’t know if everyone thinks this about themselves, but I’m like an encyclopedia when it comes to movies made between 1987-two thousand and now. I always like to play this game with myself, that when any movie is named in whatever social situation I’m in, I’ll name all the stars in it I possibly can. Or vice versa, if someone names an action, I’ll try and name as many movies as he’s been in.  And usually, I can name 4 or 5 in either scenario. But, I may be remembering all my successes – and again, I’m pretty sure just about everyone thinks this about themselves. But I also figure myself to have a ‘near’-eidetic memory – which I take to mean eidetic in certain circumstances. It’s really complicated to explain – and that’ll be a post for another day.


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