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Castle and the stupid chief.

Reading my earlier post about TV, I’m reminded about the show Castle, and how I hated just about everything about that show except for Nathan Fillion. (Oh, and the hot redheaded daughter, but only if she wasn’t droning on about boys and feelings…)

Anyhoo, the setup for Castle is as follows: Richard Castle (played by the super-awesome Nathan Fillion) is a best selling mystery writer who needs inspiration for a new character. So he shadows the homicide detective Kate Beckett (played bitchily by Stana Katic). Naturally, sparks fly in this will-they/won’t-they drama, as every week our heros solve yet another murder.

There’s the usual supporting cast of a stupid chief who runs the precint and a couple of ethnically diverse flunkey’s who do the grunt work. Castle also lives with his retired actress mother and hot redheaded daughter. 

Anyhoo, it’s strictly a by-the-numbers cop drama – except for Castle. He adds a certain amount of witty humour – not to mention he’s just so gosh darn charming all the time. Really, that’s all just Nathan Fillion though – that guy can sure play a charming rogue.

So the first season I thought was just a shade above the average dreck one finds on network television. Castle was this cool, alpha-male type who took risks and punched some badguys and used his wits and mystery writing powers, he managed to solve some crimes. But then the whole subplot of Castle’s got feelings for Beckett but can’t tell her for some reason, and Beckett’s got feelings for Castle but can’t tell him for some reason – and then he’s single when she’s taken, and she’s single when he’s taken – and they’re just about to kiss, but then his ex-wife walks in the door – or she’s just about to tell him how she feels, and the stupid chief walks in the door. Ugh – by the mid-second season, the show had lost any originality it might’ve had and started churning out this will they/won’t they crime-of-the-week pablum that becomes every cop show after awhile.

I managed to watch up to midway through season 4 before I finally said, “Hey, I’m just watching this for Nathan Fillion. Firefly is gone and it’s never coming back, and I need to accept that.” And I haven’t seen an episode of Castle since.

I will say one thing about how shitty the writing is. In one interchangeable episode, Beckett knows the badguys are holed up in some house, but she can’t go busting in because she doesn’t have a warrant. So she goes to the chief to get a warrant, but the stupid chief says, “If I bring this evidence to a judge, he’ll laugh me out of the courtroom.” So Beckett convinces the stupid chief to ask a specific judge, because they’re friends. So the stupid chief does so, and he talks to the judge, then puts down the phone and says. “I got your warrant. Boy! I sure hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” You’re the chief! You’re in charge, man! If you’re the chief of police, it’s expected that you will know what all your officers are up to. Come on stupid chief! “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” – How about, “Beckett – if you don’t collar this badguy, I’ll have your ass!” Not, “Gee Beckett, whatever you think is fine. I’m just the stupid chief.” 

Guh – stupid chief.


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  1. your article sucks, and your probably a terrible person. Stana is freaking gorgeous, her laugh is adorable and the nicest person on earth (unlike you).

    Comment by Castle fan | March 9, 2016 | Reply

    • Ah ha – an unbiased opinion from the website “”. Also, “You’re”.

      Comment by sarcasticus | March 9, 2016 | Reply

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