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Sens Sherlock

Oooh man, I’ve got a new episode of American Dad waiting for me, I can’t wait!

Y’know, I’m probably going to have to start a TV-blog full of snarky reviews. I love TV and love watchin it! I figure that’ll be my new April thing. Speaking of TV, Sherlock starts filming soon for a December 2013 release date. I had a chortle at the tv article when it said

Deadline reported that the stars of Sherlock had their first read-through this week and shooting will commence next week. That means it will probably air in the UK this winter, which suggests US audiences will probably see it in 2014.

Ha! Or… US audiences will start torrenting a few minutes after the episode ends. Funny that an online magazine would say something so ludicrous.

In non-tv news (which is hockey news, because that’s all the news I care about really) the Sens traded a 6-th round pick for enforcer Matt Kassian. He’s a winger, so he’ll likely play on the 4th line/healthy scratch. I see this more as a move for the playoffs – remember how Boyle manhandled Karlsson one game and then Carkner came in and schmeared Boyle all over the ice. I figure that’s really where Kassian (the Kassassinator) will shine. He can be a big presence on the ice – and if the coaches can get him to play a skating game, and be defensively responsible, then it’s likely we’ve found our new heavyweight.

That’s the other thing – this pick-up is probably a try-out for Kassian. If he fits in with the Sens as an enforcer, then he’ll be signed in the off-season. Otherwise, he gets let go and we pick up a different heavyweight. (This may be wrong, there may be some (probably is!) contract shenanigans that I don’t know about. (1))

In other Sens news, we lost in a shootout last night to the hated Boston Bruins. But all anyone could talk about was Kaspars Daugavins shootout attempt. Personally, I thought it was awesome – but Rask made a sliding toe save on the goal line. If he had made that shot, it would have been on Sens merchandise for years to come.

Sens play the Habs tomorrow – Go Sens Go!

(1) I just thought I would highlight the unnecessary use of brackets and footnote!


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