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Obvious solution to the NHL’s visor problem

1st intermission between my beloved Ottawa Senators, and the hated Montreal Canadiens. It’s a 1-1 ties, with goals by Mike Zibanejad on the PP and some dork with a lucky bounce for Montreal.

There’s been a big issue recently with visors in the NHL. This past week, both Chris Phillips and Patrick Weiercoch got 19 minutes in penalties for the obscure ‘instigating with a visor rule.’ (First of all, there should be no instigator rule.) But a counterpoint to that was Mark Stahl of the Rangers, who got blorked in the face by a slaphot – and Stahl wasn’t wearing a visor.

So then the hockey world starts asking, should the league mandate visors? And there’s some collective bargaining nonsense that says they can’t so blah blah blah on and on it goes.

Here’s my genius solution: just make everyone wear goggles. If you’re wearing goggles (which I assume would be super-reinforced to take a puck to the face), then your eyes are protected. But in a fight, I can pull them down around you or rip them off – or predictably two tough guys would throw the gloves and tear off the goggles. (And I know there’s precedent for playing with goggles, as I saw an old-timer wear them during the first Heritage Classic with Gretzky.)

Boom – there ya go. Problem solved.

It’s tough being such a genius, but somehow, just barely, I manage.

Go Sens Go!!!


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