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Scattered Sunday Morning Thoughts

I gotta say, a breakfast of coffee and donuts is terrible. Terribly delicious!! God, are donuts ever tasty. My problem – well, I have two problems… ok, three problems. Problem the first: I hate cooking. Problem the second: I am flush with cash at the moment, having just won another scholarship. Problem the third: I live next door to a Mac’s which is having a sale on coffee & donuts. Put those all together, and my breakfast this morning has been a big-ass donut and lots of coffee. Y’know, I think that’s acceptable once a week or once every two weeks – but back to back like I’ve done this weekend isn’t great. 

Anyhoo, I plan on starting a new blog this aft. called “Weedy Reviews.” I love watching TV & movies, but I especially like watching TV & movies after smoking copious amounts of cannabis. It makes good tv great and bad tv awesome. So my plan is to put up a snarky review of various new and classic tv shows. Because not only will this help my overall writing – but it’s a project I can do which encourages tv watching and cannabis smoking. I’ll get it set up today (or at least the bare bones, the style of the thing can wait) and then I can get to reviewing the cult classic The Prisoner. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve watched the original series and I’m looking forward to revisiting it.

I’m heading over to my parents house this morning for some brunch/lunch – but this means I get to see my awesome sidekick Honey Bunches. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and then make a blog post about ’em. ‘Cause everyone likes pictures of cute doggies.

The Sens won last night! It was a shootout win, so that means Buffalo gets a point – but they’re so far out of playoff contention, they’d have to go on a serious winning streak to become buyers at the trade deadline. Last night’s win puts Ottawa 3rd in the Northeast division, but 5th overall in the Eastern conference. Boston, Montreal & Pittsburgh all have at least 40 pts, which puts these three as the teams to beat in the East. Winnipeg is currently 3rd in the East, but that’s how the divisions are structured. In fact, Winnipeg plays Ottwa this evening at 5:00. Since both ‘Peg & Ottawa played last night, this has the potential to be a sloppy, chippy game. I’m guessing Lehner plays in nets since Bishop played yesterday.

Hockey, Tv, cute dogs and fattening food. Mmm… what a Sunday!


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