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Crazy WWII Conspiracy Theories

It’s the start of the 2nd period in the Sens/Islanders game and it’s 2-1 for the badguys. Boo.

So the Pope‘s in the news for wanting to help the weak and the poor. Here’s a hint, Bergoglio, why not use the massive stores of wealth the Vatican made while hustling Nazis out of Germany after WWII?

Let me tell you about The Ratlines. The Ratlines were human trafficking corridors used to get Nazis out of Germany at the end of, and well after, WWII. Most of these Nazis went to South America – Argentina in particular, was very sympathetic to the Nazis and fascists. (Those Argentinian death squads was just a continuation of the SS.)

Anyhoo, the idea of a Ratline was for a long time, just a ‘conspiracy theory.’ As it turns out to be true, it makes me wonder if any of those other crazy WWII conspiracies are true?

I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories about Hitler – he was a British agent, he was a coprophile (uh…likes to be shit on, sexually – don’t ask me how that works), he had one ball, etc… Those are a bit dubious. The ones that are more likely are

  • he was gay
  • he was part Jewish
  • he was a puppet for the wealthy elite.

The gay thing is recounted in some WWI memoirs by someone who served in the same unit as Hitler. The Jewish ancestry comes from his father being the bastard son of a Rothschild (or maybe he himself was the bastard son of a Rothschild – something along those lines.) And then he being a puppet for the wealthy elite – well, all wartime politicians are in the pockets of someone.

And those are just the ones about Hitler. There’s one about Rudolph Hess was a British agent from the start – which is why he flew to Britain during the middle of the war. There’s the trips the Nazis took to Antarctica in 1938, and how its likely there’s a secret base in Antarctica. This ties into the secret Nazi space progam, and how its likely that most of the UFO sightings since then are really Nazi flying discs. (And of course, Nazis on the moon is true!)

There’s the one about how Japan tested an atomic bomb in early 1945. Or that all the stolen Chinese gold was buried by the Japanese in The Philippines somewhere, and the treasure is so great that it’s announcement could destabilize the world economy. I’m sure there’s more Japanese conspiracy theories that I’m forgetting – Japan had their own secret human experiments, so don’t think there’s nothing hidden in their archives.

Now it’s 3-1 Islanders. Crap.


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