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Don’t bully hardcore super nerds

Wow. That cunt I talked about yesterday and the drama surrounding her got even bigger today, as she got fired from her job.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one offended by her actions – turns out a lot of other people were offended as well. Not just any types of people, hardcore super nerds – especially hardcore super nerds in programming. (I’m a hardcore super nerd in math, as an example of a particular type of hardcore super nerd.) The one thing I know about hardcore super nerds, they have inevitably been picked on at some point in their life. At least one bully has made life a living hell for any hardcore super nerd. So when hardcore super nerds see some of their own people being bullied, they get upset.

But crazy shit starts to happen when hardcore super nerds get upset, because hardcore super nerds CONTROL THE INTERNET! Look, the internet is built, maintained and organized by hardcore super nerds. Any revolutions in the internet have and will only come from hardcore super nerds. So when you piss off the people who control the greatest informational tool the world has ever known, you are in a world of hurt.

And that’s what happened to this dumb cunt. She bullied two poor guys out of a conference and then publicly bullied them on twitter. Once the manosphere and 4chan got ahold of it, predictably, death threats and rape threats followed on Twitter, followed by a DDOS of her employer, public doxxing. Further, her employer’s customers may have been harassed, and all sorts of vile, malicious stuff.

Now, obviously, I don’t condone any of the above actions, and I certainly don’t think this woman should’ve been threatened with rape or death. But the internet has shown us time and time again that it is capable of unspeakable horrors. (I didn’t link to any of the *real* horrors.)

So what’s the lesson from all this? Many people on Twitter seem to think she was “speaking out against sexism” – except, of course, she wasn’t. The remarks about “dongles” and “forking” were mildly sexual puns, and sexual doesn’t equate to sexist or sexism. If the guys had been saying, “No woman can handle my dongle” – that’s more in line with sexist. But they weren’t, they were making puns.

Personally, I think the lesson here is that if you’re offended by the speech of someone else, ask them to stop or leave their company. The principle of free speech is more important than your feelings. Also, don’t use the internet to do your bullying, because the internet does not like bullies, and will then paradoxically bully you to death.


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