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Video games I like

So I’ve been playing this game called Kerbal Space Program recently. It’s still in Alpha phase, so it’s just a sandbox type game at the moment – but what a sandbox! The basic premise is as follows: here’s a bunch of rocket parts, make a rocket. You exist in a fully 3d world with it’s own physics engine (which is pretty darn close to the real thing) – and the world is pretty much infinitely scalable, which means you can zoom out from the planet you’re on to a big overview of the solar system. The scale is really phenomenal – luckily there’s a time warp button, because it’s totally possible to build a rocket that can, not only land on the moon, but other planets as well! 

I have to say, originally, I just downloaded a bootleg copy to try it out. But once I saw that it was consistently being updated, and due to the quality of the game, I knew I had to buy it. I’ve spent maybe 5 or 6 hours fiddling around with the game – I’ve managed to build a rocket to put a space capsule into low Earth orbit, but I haven’t been able to land anything successfully on the moon yet. (Although I have crashed a number of astronauts into the moon’s surface!)

Basically, Kerbal Space Program is a phenomenal flight sim. There’s so much possibility with the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became HUGE in the future. Like, Minecraft huge – it’s that good. (And I get bored with minecraft really quickly – not so with Kerbal Space Program.)

As it happens, I’m pretty picky with videogames. I’m not a big fan of button mashers, RPG’s or first person shooters. I generally stick to strategy games and puzzle games. Some of my favourites are Portal, Portal 2, Civilization 4 and Orcs Must Die.

Now, for me, Orcs Must Die is a first person shooter I actually enjoy. There’s a number of factors – primary among them is that it’s not just an FPS, but is also a tower defense game. The way it works is that you play a hero that needs to defend his world from a bunch of rampaging Orcs. So you have to play a number of levels, and every level you get a number of traps. But best of all, the whole thing has a cartoon-y appearance, which is just aces in my books.

I guess I should specify that these are all PC games – the only thing I play on Xbox is NHL13 and Grid. (Soon to be Grid 2.) My PC is about 3 years old – but I bought it on the cheap, and it is definitely not a gaming machine. This means I can’t play the newest and bestest games. However, since I got a scholarship recently, I’m looking forward to pissing it all away on a new computer. Awesome!


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