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Ethiopian Food

So I went and ate Ethiopian food tonight with my buddy and his fiancée. For the past few months, I’ve been on a real ‘try new foods!’ kick – because

a) I’m a picky eater, and I’ve managed to get bored with pizza and burgers, so I want to see what other cultures can do with beef and fatty meats with melted cheeses, and

b) One of my New Years resolutions was to try new things.

Some of the previous ‘foodie’ type things I went to were a Thai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant and an Indian restaurant. (Yeah, these aren’t really ‘foodie’ places, just ethnic food places – which is pretty much the same to me.) Anyhoo, today I tried Ethiopian. (And I suspect the main reason I tried Ethiopian was that The Simpsons had an episode where Marge and the kids became ‘foodies’, and the first place they tried was an Ethiopian joint. Most of my life decisions are based on what I’ve seen in Simpsons episodes.)

Anyhoo, Ethiopian food is different from other food, mostly in the way you eat it. They give you rolled up pieces of spongy bread (called ‘injera’) that you use as a utensil. For the meal, they give you a bunch of meat and veggies all minced up into a sort of stew, then you use the injera as an all purpose fork/spoon and scoop the meat into your mouth.

Now, the food itself is really tasty. But since we were given a platter, I couldn’t tell which stew was what meat or how it was prepared. So next time I go back, I’ll order a specific dish so I can more fully appreciate it.

If I had a criticism, it’s that there’s not much variety from one stew to the next. Y’know, this one might be a little spicier than the other – but each stew had a tomato/bean base and all used similar spices. But then again, I’m a pretty unsophisticated eater, so it could certainly be that my palate isn’t advance enough to appreciate the subtleties.

However, what I really liked was the way we ate the food. Using bread as a fork! Brilliant! More restaurants should do this. I sort of think if I could use a bit of croissant as a fork to scoop bacon into my mouth – that would be some sort of genius cultural misappropriation. If I could grab a slice of white bread, use it to grab some ham and cheese, then dunk it in some horseradish mayo? Fuggedaboutit! Man, this is the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m gonna call this, “Eating Ethiopian style” and make a chain of restaurants. I’ll make a million.


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