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Comedian ramble damble

Ramble damble – hit the handle.

I’m fresh out of ideas today – it’s Tuesday, which means I’ve had a strenuous 4 hour work day at the University. But on top of that, I did squats this morning, then walked the 5km to school and back. My feet and legs hurt and I’m tired and cranky.

13 minutes to go. Ticking clock… adds a sense of urgency to the blog. I’m taking this countdown technique from Bill Burr – a stand-up comedian who was famously heckled in Philadelphia, and so trashed the city for his entire set. It was awesome – Bill Burr is the shiznit.

12 minutes to go. I suppose I could mention the stand-up comedians that I like – have I done that post already? I feel like I haven’t… so here we go.

George Carlin for sure – I saw him live on his second to last tour and he was hy-sterical.

Ricky Gervais – never seen the Office though.

Stephen Merchant – not as original as Gervais, but still really funny. His bit about being a 6’7 door-to-door salesman was a marvel of physical comedy. Also his encore bit was easily the best comedian encore bit I’ve ever seen.

Dara O’Briain – He hosts Mock The Week – a brilliant BBC panel show, second only to QI. He’s goddamn funny.

Eddie Murphy – Raw and Delirious. Epics.

Chris Rock – The best of the black observational comedians. I saw him on his monster 200+ day comedy world tour. He’s got his inimitable style and is a unique voice. Probably in my top 5 of comedians.

Dave Chappelle – Inherently funny voice and weed enthusiast. Love him. He’s more straight-up silly than observational, but is always very insightful.

David Cross – Also has an inherently funny voice, a great mimic of character and voices. His CD, “Shut up you fucking baby” was transcendent. He’s probably my favorite stand-up comedian.

Louis C.K. – He’s awesome.

There’s definitely more I’m forgetting – but my 15 minutes are up! I think I’ll revisit stand-up comedians more thoroughly in the future.


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