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Rough plan for monster custom loop build

So I’m looking to buy a new computer soon. I’m getting a tax return soon, and the University just gave me another scholarship, so I’ve got quite a lot of money to spend. And I’m thinking of going huge and building a monster. I plan on water cooling my CPU with a custom loop, with an eye to further expanding it to the graphics card down the line when I get a 2nd graphics card and SLI them together.

For the case, I’m looking at something high-end like the Silverstone TJ07. It’s a massive full-tower which looks sleek and has lots of room for a custom loop. I still haven’t decided on a colour scheme for the build – but it would be easier if I went with a scheme that complements the case, so I don’t have to repaint it. I think black case with a black and dark blue colour scheme would look good.

The chip I figure I’ll stick with the intel i7-3770k. It’s got great reviews and is already primed for overclocking. If I wanted to go super high-end, I’d choose the intel i7-3930k, but the 3770k is already pretty goddamn fast and powerful.

For the motherboard, I keep hearing a lot of great things about the Asus Sabretooth Z77. It’s got a wicked cool name, and a very sleek, distinct look about it. I may go with this MOBO, but the Gigabyte Z77’s and AsRock Z77’s are also great for a lot cheaper. I’m still undecided on the MOBO, but it should be one of the aforementioned mid-range cards. As long as the MOBO accepts 4 slots of DIMM for a max of 32GB, I’ll be happy.

RAM is RAM, as far as I’m concerned. The MOBO should have 4 DIMM slots, so I’ll probably pick up 2x8GB of RAM – with an eye towards picking up another 16GB a couple years down the line. I was looking at starting right away with 32GB of RAM, but that’s WAYYYY too much for any current applications I have. Heck, 16GB is already probably too much just for gaming! In any case, the price of RAM is increasing at the moment, so I’ll take whatever the best option is at the time.

The video card…. Now here’s where the tough choice comes. Should I get one big card or two little cards and SLI/Crossfire them. Since this is my first water cooled build, I’ll stick with one big card and then look towards getting a 2nd of the same card 6 months/1 year down the line, at which point I’ll expand my custom loop. I think I will likely get a GTX 670 or GTX 680. Graphics cards are just starting to come out with multiple GPU’s on board, so those are going to be expensive for the next little while. I’ll stick with a high end, single GPU card for now – 2GB of RAM or more.

For a PSU, I’ll go for a gold rating @ 850W or 1000W. I think 850W is plenty sufficient, but I don’t want to have to get a new power supply a couple years into the life of the build.

I’ve already got a 1TB Sata drive – maybe pick up a 256GB SSD for super quick OS loading and to hold my current game of choice? Probably.

Then finally I’ll get a water cooling kit from XSPC. All this should run me somewhere around $2000 Canadian, including taxes and shipping. One thing’s for sure, I’ve spend a lot of time researching computer parts and not enough time on my Galois theory homework.


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