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I’m back, baby.

What a week it’s been.

Moved back in with the rents for the summer. That’s both good and bad. It’s good, because my toilet paper situation is such a major upgrade. In my old apartment, I just bought whatever TP was cheapest. Which usually meant single-ply, flimsy, feels like wood on your boot hole TP. But now, I’m using, like, 100 thread count TP, and it’s got all sorts of lotions and oils and self-esteem boosting pockets and I don’t KNOW what else! The ol’ starfish has never felt so tidy.

But it’s bad ’cause I’m 32. Although I feel it shouldn’t count, since I used to have a job where I made money and had my own place. Tell that to chicks!

What else, the Sens are in the playoffs! We beat Boston tonight to take the 7th seed, so it’s gonna be Ottawa-Montreal! I think that’s going to be rough at home for the Sens. MTL is probably the 2nd most profitable NHL franchise after the stupid Leafs, so you gotta figure there’ll be about half MTL fans in Scotiabank place for Ottawa home games. Still, MTL fans are pretty classy (except for when they booed the US anthem that one time) – unlike the Leaf fans, who boo Alfie in his own barn. Ridiculous. If I was the Sens PR guy, I’d start a campaign for all Sens fans to cheer whenever Alfie has the puck. Get on that Sens PR guy!

I’m going to be teaching a math class over the summer. It’s a prelim course they need to get into 1t year, so the math wont be very taxing. According to all those documentaries* I’ve seen on the internet, profs get seduced by hot young coeds all the time! I’m in for a summer of tail. Ohhhhh rigggggggght.



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Other goals I’m working on

Well, my legs are super sore today, as predicted. I think I’ll probably do the following workout tomorrow:

OHP 5×5 – Deadlift 5×5 – Pull-up 5×5.

This way I’ll either Squat twice a week or do Deads twice a week. And that’s good enough for April.

I have a final exam for Algebra II on Tuesday, April 16th which I am currently studying for. My goal is to get an A+ on the exam. (It’s a comprehensive, so I need to get above 70% for a pass.) My plan is as follows:

First, every day I will read my sheet of definitions and my sheet of important theorems at least twice.

Tuesday: Meet with prof to go over assignments.

Wednesday & Thurs: Go over the proofs of the most important theorems.

Friday: Meet with prof to discuss any remaining questions.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Do 10 problems a day: 5 from chapters 12 & 13, and 5 from chapter 14. (Go to bed early on Monday.)

I’ve got an 80% going into the final, and the course is weighted towards the final, so if I get an A+ on the exam, I’ll get an A+ in the course.

Thus my other major goal at the moment is as follows: I will get an A+ on my Algebra II final exam on April 16th, 2013.

Finally, I was sure hungry when I went to sleep yesterday, but I stuck to my caloric ceiling. There’s no gym today, but I will be sticking to my caloric ceiling again, because if I want to achieve my goal, all I need to do is stick to my plan. (Despite the fact that I’d love to order a couple gyros and crush a can of pringles.)

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Quick Update

Busy with finals. Probably back to regular posts on Monday or better.

Also, apparently there’s a whole 4th season of Archer I missed. Crazy.

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Free form planning – helpful for me, boring for you.

Oooo-weee! New season of Game of Thrones! Haven’t seen the new episode yet, but I will soon.

I’ve been watching lots of South Park recently. Man, I forgot how good some of those early to mid seasons were. Seasons 5, 6 and 7 were all pretty got-damn funny.

Today is April fool’s day, one of the worst days to enjoy websites, because all the websites throw up cutesie ‘april fool’s’ sites or gimmicks that prevent me from enjoying my content. I’m looking at you, reddit.

Man, it’s been slim pickin’s around here this weekend. Grocery store is closed – but Mac’s is open (and Tim Horton’s down the street!) So I been eating plenty of donuts and other assorted junk food. 

As an aside, what is it about Pringles that makes you eat them all at once? I’m close to synthesizing the chemical, but I’m short one ingredient. And I’ve narrowed that ingredient down to either… synthetic polymonosorbonate or love.

Anyhoo, I’ll have to get back on the ol’ exercise train. I mean, I lifted at least twice a week for the month of sMarch [sic], but that’s not enough so that I can eat whatever I want. So I’ll have to go back to a 2000 calorie ceiling, as that’s the easiest diet I know of. Back at the gym tomorrow and then walking to and from school will be a good start. I think also since it will be a full week since I’ve been at the gym, I should skip doing 10 sets for squats and deads and do 5-7 of each on both days.

The more important thing is to get a good night’s sleep. Last week I was in the pesky habit of staying up past 11:00pm, which is bad since it usually takes me over an hour to fall asleep anyway. So early to bed tonight, too.

Christ, my final comprehensive is two weeks tomorrow. Studying will have to start tomorrow too. Yeesh, tomorrow will be busy. Up, gym, walk to school, class, meeting, hour to kill, ta, walk home – then it’s around 6:30-ish and 7:00 by the time I’m settled. Ooh, I’ll probably get friggin Subway tomorrow ’cause I’m out of food here! Groceries on Wednesday, the fun never stops…

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