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Other goals I’m working on

Well, my legs are super sore today, as predicted. I think I’ll probably do the following workout tomorrow:

OHP 5×5 – Deadlift 5×5 – Pull-up 5×5.

This way I’ll either Squat twice a week or do Deads twice a week. And that’s good enough for April.

I have a final exam for Algebra II on Tuesday, April 16th which I am currently studying for. My goal is to get an A+ on the exam. (It’s a comprehensive, so I need to get above 70% for a pass.) My plan is as follows:

First, every day I will read my sheet of definitions and my sheet of important theorems at least twice.

Tuesday: Meet with prof to go over assignments.

Wednesday & Thurs: Go over the proofs of the most important theorems.

Friday: Meet with prof to discuss any remaining questions.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Do 10 problems a day: 5 from chapters 12 & 13, and 5 from chapter 14. (Go to bed early on Monday.)

I’ve got an 80% going into the final, and the course is weighted towards the final, so if I get an A+ on the exam, I’ll get an A+ in the course.

Thus my other major goal at the moment is as follows: I will get an A+ on my Algebra II final exam on April 16th, 2013.

Finally, I was sure hungry when I went to sleep yesterday, but I stuck to my caloric ceiling. There’s no gym today, but I will be sticking to my caloric ceiling again, because if I want to achieve my goal, all I need to do is stick to my plan. (Despite the fact that I’d love to order a couple gyros and crush a can of pringles.)


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  1. How did this get posted here? It’s supposed to be in the other blog? Crazy ol’ wordpress…

    Comment by sarcasticus | April 9, 2013 | Reply

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