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I’m back, baby.

What a week it’s been.

Moved back in with the rents for the summer. That’s both good and bad. It’s good, because my toilet paper situation is such a major upgrade. In my old apartment, I just bought whatever TP was cheapest. Which usually meant single-ply, flimsy, feels like wood on your boot hole TP. But now, I’m using, like, 100 thread count TP, and it’s got all sorts of lotions and oils and self-esteem boosting pockets and I don’t KNOW what else! The ol’ starfish has never felt so tidy.

But it’s bad ’cause I’m 32. Although I feel it shouldn’t count, since I used to have a job where I made money and had my own place. Tell that to chicks!

What else, the Sens are in the playoffs! We beat Boston tonight to take the 7th seed, so it’s gonna be Ottawa-Montreal! I think that’s going to be rough at home for the Sens. MTL is probably the 2nd most profitable NHL franchise after the stupid Leafs, so you gotta figure there’ll be about half MTL fans in Scotiabank place for Ottawa home games. Still, MTL fans are pretty classy (except for when they booed the US anthem that one time) – unlike the Leaf fans, who boo Alfie in his own barn. Ridiculous. If I was the Sens PR guy, I’d start a campaign for all Sens fans to cheer whenever Alfie has the puck. Get on that Sens PR guy!

I’m going to be teaching a math class over the summer. It’s a prelim course they need to get into 1t year, so the math wont be very taxing. According to all those documentaries* I’ve seen on the internet, profs get seduced by hot young coeds all the time! I’m in for a summer of tail. Ohhhhh rigggggggght.



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