Milk and Cigarettes

Rambles about stuff I like.

The never ending adventures of Honey Bunches

I'm invisible

Little does this foolish human know of my secret hiding spot by the clean laundry. Here, I am free to plan that big sausage heist I’ve been dreaming of.

A guilty dog

Oh crap! How on Earth did you get access to my secret lair? No matter, I will merely use my psychic cuteness powers. Look into my eyes!

I've got plans for you

Mmmyyesss… you are falling under my command. You will not expect it when I…


Pounce! Dog karate chop!

You win this round, human...

Oh, I see you know the cat-fu defense.

I'm gonna sucker you in with my psychic powers of cuteness

Pff, well fine, whatever…

I've SEEN things

Me, a survivor of the cat wars of aught-6. What am I doing with my life?

I'm like, a genius when it comes to secret lairs

Ha ha! A new hideout! He’ll never find me here!

Is someone at the door?

Wait – was that the doorbell?

There is, in fact, someone at the door.

Someone’s at the door! Someone’s at the door! Outta my way, human – someone’s at the DOOR!!


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