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My first class is tomorrow. As the teacher!

My first class as a teacher is tomorrow – but not really a teacher, since I’m at a University. I’m called, “The Instructor” – which sounds like a pretty lame super villain name. I’ll be teaching a preliminary course about graphs and functions, but really it could be called an introduction to University level math.

I’ve been told by my colleagues that I’m going to have to be very patient, and that the trick is to explain everything in the simplest terms possible. So for my class, I’ll be starting by going over the very very very basics – but since most people know the basics already, I’ll just be doing it in a ‘math-y’ way. In this fashion, I figure people can understand how to do math better, if I can present concepts they already know, but with a distinct mathematical flavour.

Anyhoo, I was on campus today to run some errands. Also, it needs to be noted for the story that it was about 25 degrees out and sunny. Further, the University is hosting ‘high-school enrichment camps’ or something. So the average age of girl walking around on campus is about 17-18, and the average length of pant worn by said average girl is super short. So the whole time I’m running my errands, impossibly hot women are walking by me, and it’s my job to figure out if they’re legal or not. Well, they’re dressed like they’re legal, and my dick don’t know the difference… so… yeah.

Doublehoo, I hope my class has a couple lookers. Because I’ve seen quite a few documentaries* on the internet about hot girls doing… things … to their professors to get a good grade. So that should make for an interesting first class.



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