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Me teaching today had a direct impact on the game

Well, today was my first class. It went alright, but I can’t really tell if the kids were bored or not. Then again, most of them are arts students, so maybe it’s just they don’t like math. Anyhoo, I was a bit nervous today, but I expect I’ll get more and more comfortable as the class rolls along. I was pretty loosey goosey at the end, so I think it’ll go well overall. Just as long as I can keep the math simple.

Anyhoo, the class ran from 6:30 to 8:00, so the last thing I said to my class was, “… and if someone can tell me the score of the Sens game, we can get out of here.” The score was 0-0, just about 4 minutes gone in the 2nd.

I walk out to my car, start ‘er up and drive away. Still on campus, waiting for some guy to lazily finish walking across the street, the Canadiens score. Crap, 1-0 badguys.

I drive off campus, and the Habs score again! Double crap! 2-0 badguys. Naturally, my hockey superstition kicks in, and I assume it’s because I’m driving in the car that the Habs scored. So I race home as fast as I can.

Then I hustle downstairs, taking care not to trip and kill myself, and turn on the game. But what’s this! There’s no sound! Oh snazzle.

I run up to the family room – my parents are there watching The Voice or some such crap, and Dad’s only checking on the game in the commercials! Crapspackle!

So I run up to my room, wait for the XboX to boot up – load the CBC HNIC App (which was a lifesaver!) and start to watch the rest of the 2nd. The Sens look pretty terrible. Aside from the Smith “Tough Guy” line, the Sens appeared to have no energy, and are not hungry on the puck. We (meaning The Ottawa Senators and my psychic powers) are lucky to escape the 2nd down 2 nothing.

The third starts, and we are ON it! We’ve got some jump and are spending most of our time in their zone. McLean takes off Kassian from the Tough Guy line and puts in Zibanejad. Neiler makes a hustle play to the puck and throws it towards the net. Zibby has the puck riccochet off his stick, into his skate and into the net. GOAAAAAL!!!

But what’s this, there’s some delay as they review the goal. “Distinct kicking motion” gets repeated ad nauseum, and I can barely watch the screen. The ref walks out.

Upon further review, the call stands, it’s a good goal.

PANDEMONIUM!!! The crowd at Scotiabank* place erupts! It’s 1-0 good guys.

There’s about 7:00 left in the 3rd, and the Habs have some jump. They’re still quick on pucks and keeping us hemmed in. After a couple generous icing calls, McLean pulls Andy with about 1:15 to go.

The Habs lose the faceoff, but manage to drive us back down into our own end. The D-man (can’t remember who) keeps his wits about him and passes it up to Turris, who dishes it off to the trailing player, who shoots! A mad scramble in front of the net and Conacher manages to pot one! UNBE-FREAKIN-LIEAVABLE**!!! It’s tied 2-2 with 30 seconds to go. We’re headed into overtime.

Overtime begins, and what’s this? Budaj is in for an injured Carey Price? What a shame – shoot everything on net! Within a couple minutes, Turris fires one that catches a cold Budaj and kaboom! It’s all over baby!

Sens win 3-2 in this series’ first OT, and we lead the series 3-1. What an unbelievable game. Pumped for my class on Thursday. Clearly, my teaching of the class, combined with my hockey superstitions, led to this thrilling victory. The Senators are lucky to have me.


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