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Xbox one – can I save this blog entry before my power dies?

I’m writing just to write again. I’ve gotten so far out of the habit of writing, that’s it’s now somewhat of a chore to write again. But, this is why habits take time to develop. I will try writing for 15 minutes by 10:00pm every day for the next 30 days, say.

But now… what to write about?

Well, today Microsoft revealed their new Xbox. It’s called Xbox one and it looks stupid, in my opinion. Well, I shouldn’t say that – the hardware the new Xbox will have is respectable. 8 GB of Ram, 800MHZ GPU speed, 500GB harddrive and an 8-core processor. (Likely a 4-core with hyperthreading.) That’s all pretty respectible for a mid-range gaming rig. Also it supports blu-ray, and I imagine 1440p resolution (although I haven’t checked.)

However, the one thing I definitely don’t like is the Kinect integration and voice commands. I mean, yeah, it’ll be great if that works – but that tech is very, very far away from being user friendly and intuitive. Any Kinect game I’ve ever played always ended up with me flailing around like some speed freak having a seizure. And voice command? Guh – “Xbox, play NHL” – “Did you say, Watch a movie?” – “No I didn’t xbox! You piece of shit!” – “Playing: Transformers 3.”

Anyhoo, here‘s the homepage for the thing. I’d say it’s a good first step in integrating the TV and gaming machines, as Xbox has deals with Netflix and Skype and the NFL. We’re a few years away from having all in one machines which replace the cable box and gaming consoles. 

But nothing will replace PC gaming, I think. Once the new Xbox & PS3 are out, that’s going to be the standard for a mid range gaming rig for some time to come. But there’s already tech out there now that can put the new Xbox to shame. Of course, all the newest games can’t take advantage of this super high tech hardware – but they will be able to soon. Within 2 years, I’d say, there’ll be PC games ported to the new Xbox which will have to have it’s graphics toned way down. (Similar to Battlefield 3 today, how it looks atrocious on Xbox but gorgeous on mid to high end gaming rigs.)

Anyhoo, it’s raining now where I am – and the smell of burnt wood & leaves is in the air. It’s a great smell – which, in honor of Calvin & Hobbes, I refer to as “brunky.” Love that brunky smell.


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