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Swearing post of fury

Pathetic fallacy, if I remember correctly, is when the weather reflects the mood of the story. Well, it’s raining here now, and that’s about how I feel.

Sens lost tonight – no calls going their way.

Words cannot describe how much I hate the Penguins. Matt Cooke gives a stick to the face to Karlsson – a NORRIS TROPHY WINNER!! – and there’s no call. Gonchar and Cooke are battling in front of the net, Cooke takes a dive, Gonchar gets a penalty. What utter horseshit.

Thing is, the NHL is completely allowed to do this sort of bullshit with the refs. (Bullshit in question being to favour the Pens in terms of calls and non-calls.) The NHL is a business, in theory, they could skate prearranged games (similar to wrestling) and that’d be totally legal. Because they’re not in the business of making sure the game of hockey is fair, they’re in the business of making money through others playing hockey. So if the NHL wants to tilt the ice in favour of the Penguins, well that’s their prerogative. But I’m not fucking happy about it.

On top of this brutal loss, my goddamn internet is down. I thought my router had died, so I bought a new router – which reminds me, fuck you Future Shop – but now there’s still no connectivity and I’m waiting on the phone until Teksavvy deigns to pick up. I’ll wait probably 25 minutes before I get to leave my number so they can call me back. Using up all my minutes on my phone too! 

What a cunting day. At least I’ve got some weed to smoke


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