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There’s a chick in my class with a crazy bodacious rack.

I’m a rambler I’m a gambler and it’s now time to write… 

There’s this chick in my class – who’s a student, I’m the prof – who I’ve recently found out has a bodacious rack. Generally, I can’t really tell the figure of my sexier students, ’cause they’re all sat behind a desk and I’m at the front with my glassenses [sic] off. But today, this girl comes up to talk about her test and AAHOoooooOOOGAH! Wow, what an amazing rack.

Luckily, I’ve seen plenty of documentaries* which feature hot students sleeping with their teachers. So I think I’ll be nailing this one by the end of the semester.

It’s funny, being a woman and around 20 years old is like a super power. If you’re a chick and you’re 20 and you’re not fat, that’s pretty much as hot as you’re ever going to be. Here’s a tip, ladies, since society seems to think that men care about your profession: men don’t care about your profession. Men care if you’re hot and not a bitch. That’s it. All this blather about fierce and independent, that’s all horseshit being pushed by ugly women. Since feminism reared it’s ugly head in the 70’s, society has been telling girls to act like men, and been telling men that male sexuality is wrong. What a world!

What gets me are feminists who think getting a job is ‘freeing’. You morons – work sucks. 95% of all jobs suck total balls. The other 5% are like, playboy photographer, executive hammock tester, professional porn watcher. Those are all legit awesome jobs. Everything else is working in an office for the man, or working retail and dealing with stupid customers, or selling something and dealing with stupid people that wont buy your product.

Anyhoo, I’m rambling on again – ill formed thoughts about stuff that bugs me. My main point is that I really want to nail that chick in my class with the bodacious rack. Mmmm…. boobs.

What else… couple more minutes to kill. Well, I watched all of Arrested Development recently. It’s quite the clever show – much smarter than Modern Family. Not to mention it stars David Cross, probably my favorite current working comedian at the time. (Chappelle would be my favorite, but he’s not touring as far as I know.) I can see why all the nerds on the internet were up in arms when it got cancelled. But that’s Fox for ya – don’t give your best shows the best time slots or marketing and then be surprised when the ratings tank. Christ, are all tv executives a bunch of coked-up sleazeballs? I’m guessing the ones at the Fox network are! (They cancelled Firefly too – what a cunting bunch of morons.)



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