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Nazi’s in America

Sooo… what’s in the news today? That’ll give me something to write about…

Oh, I see they’ve found another Nazi living in the US. Hmm… Maybe operation paperclip, the bringing of Nazi’s into the US, wasn’t such a great idea after all? Not to mention how operation gladio turned into a fascist CIA led terror cult pretty similar to the Nazi’s. I won’t even talk about Wehrner Von Braun and the fact that he was in the SS, and how NASA whitewashed his criminal Nazi past. (Not to mention he led a slave labour camp called Peenemunde.)

Anyhoo, with the revelations of NSA spying this week, I won’t be surprised if Nazism comes to America. And when I say Nazism, I generally mean the fascist overthrow of democratic government and the institution of a cult-like belief in the power of the American government. We’re about halfway there – when whistleblowers get prosecuted and the scumfuck bankers who’ve raped and pillaged the economy get billions of dollars, something’s wrong.

When it comes to the downfall of the US, I think the loss of family and community will ultimately be its undoing. When it becomes normal that both parents work, then children will be raised by other people. How long until we see state day care centers? From state-run daycare (which will be piss poor, and if I know the American government, probably staffed with pedophiles) into state-run schools (which are among the worst in Western nations) into state-sponsored government jobs (leading to poverty.)

Y’know, maybe I’m just cranky ’cause I was woken up from my nap. But I think there’s a hard road ahead for the West.


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