Milk and Cigarettes

Rambles about stuff I like.

A ramble full of math and corruption, signifying nothing.

Well well well… here we are, thinking of something to write about.

Hmm… pretty stuck on ideas. That chick with the rack was in my class today. So… that’s something.

I tell ya, kids who are taking arts degrees do not want to learn about math. Which is too bad, because math is awesome and will get you a real job. Do we need more sociology majors? Of course not. Arts degrees – what a waste of fucking time.

So I guess this will turn into a ramble about nothing… The best kind of ramble.

Nothing much going on in the news. (Well, nothing much that I care about. Turkey and Brazil are undergoing pretty heavy strife, the NSA violates the 4th amendment on a daily basis and the mayor of Montreal was arrested on bribery charges.)

The funny thing about the Montreal mayor being arrested is that he says the charges are “unfounded.” Suuure they are, fellah. I sort of have a feeling that Montreal (and Quebec at large) is the last refuge of the Canadian mob and they are not going down without a fight. Certainly it’s well known that the construction industry in Quebec is heavily mob-influenced, not to mention the political sphere.

What else – oh, I just about finished the odd prime case for my thesis. This is probably of interest to no one but me… possibly my supervisor. In any case, I’m pretty close to having a respectable PhD thesis… But we’ll see, it could easily happen that my prof dumps a heap load more of work on me at the end of summer.

And that is a ramble about nothing to no one!


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