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Stupid government… but what else is new?

What a dumb Orwellian country I live in.

Apparently, wearing a mask at a protest is now a crime. For citizens, of course, cops are free to wear masks, hide their ID’s and beat up minorities as much as they like. But wear a Guy Fawkes mask and you can get up to 10 years in prison. Just for reference, Karla Homolka got 12 years in prison, and she raped and murdered a bunch of girls!

Christ shit almighty. If I’m at a protest and the man starts coming at me ’cause I’m wearing a mask, well then I’m gonna make damn sure I’m not going down without a fight! What’s that, I get 10 years in prison for putting on a bandana to protect myself from the tear gas and pepper spray from the increasingly militaristic cops? Fuck that noise, I’m bringing a goddamn sword.

Of course, the effect that this has on the populace is that it might make people to nervous to protest. In which case, the government has now reduced the effective rights of citizens to display outrage at whatever typical government corruption is going on.

When’s the next protest? Goddamn right I’m wearing a mask. My defense? Jury nullification. 


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