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How to steal Stephen Merchant’s voice

So I was playing around in the wordpress dashboard, and apparently it lists the search terms that people have put into Google which have led them to my site. Some of these search terms are appropriate, such as, “Rob Ager” – ’cause I did a couple posts about Ager’s movie analysis.

But some are just… well….

One search term I’ve had in the past 7 days was, “boob with milk sucking wild stories.” Which means that someone was searching for some very specific porn, and my blog showed up in their search results. And then they took a chance and visited! I imagine they left pretty quickly after that.

Another recent search term was, “how do i steal stephen merchants voice.” This implies that this particular individual knows how to steal some voices, but not Stephen Merchant’s specifically. Hence, my blog showed up in their search results and they must’ve thought, “Ah, a blog. I’m sure this enterprising individual knows how to steal Stephen Merchant’s voice.”

Well, mysterious internet surfer, you’ve come to the right place. Behold. A step by step instruction on how to steal Stephen Merchant’s voice.

Step 1) Go to Los Angeles. (Stephen is currently filming his show, “Hello Ladies” – about a gawky Englishman who goes to LA to meet his future wife.)

Step 2) Meet Stephen Merchant. (As per The Ricky Gervais show, Merchant can often be found outside popular nightclubs – but not inside nightclubs, because as he related, “Nightclubs are looking for people who will provide glamour, not IT support.”)

Step 3) Kidnap Stephen Merchant. (This will be tricky, as Merchant is 6’7 and probably prone to hysterical shrieking in stressful situations. I recommend luring Merchant to your van with the promise of taking him to a nightclub he’ll be allowed to enter – and then *BAM*, the ol’ frying pan to the back of the head and it’s lights out funny man.)

Step 4) Cut out Stephen Merchant’s larynx. (This plan, it should be noted, is not for the squeamish. If you’re determined to steal Stephen Merchant’s voice, then you’re gonna have to cut some throats… literally.)

Step 5) Get a surgeon to switch your larynx with Merchant’s larynx. (For starters, it’s tough to do a successful larynxiotomy – I’ve only done it twice, and each time it was exceedingly difficult. You may also have trouble finding a surgeon who’ll perform a larynxiotomy due to some mumbo jumbo about “ethics” and “stolen cadaver parts.” Luckily, LA is just a stone’s throw away from Mexico, and anything goes down there!)

Ta da! Once you’ve successfully completed step 5, you will now have successfully stolen Stephen Merchant’s voice. 

Tune in next time, when I give a detailed, step by step account of how to steal Stephen Merchant’s sense of comedic timing! Same Stephen Merchant-time, same Stephen Merchant-channel!


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More about Rob Ager (And a tale about a chick at the gym.)

So today in the gym, I was on the dip machine and resting in between sets. The dip machine is right by the gym mats, so I’m next to a bunch of people who are stretching and such. But there was one chick who was doing nothing but standing on her tippie toes and checking out her butt.

Not even kidding – she would position her back to the mirror, go up on tippie toes, look over one shoulder and sorta wiggle her butt to see how it looked.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but notice… In my view, if your exercises consists of checking out how your butt looks in the mirror, it’s not my fault if I stare.

Anyhoo, couple days ago I was talking about Rob Ager and his film analysis. He’s mainly done a bunch of analysis on Kubrick films – and those analyses are fascinating, because there’s so many little things in all of Kubrick’s films that it’s super easy to miss stuff, even after repeated viewings.

One theory he had was about the monolith from 2001. Ager’s idea is that the monolith is the exact dimensions of a movie screen (widescreen, the kind in theaters.) And then the monolith represents man’s ability to move through a narrative… or something, I’m not too sure I caught the gist of that one.

But he explained the ending sequence – or his version of the ending sequence – was about how man can’t escape the narrative he’s in. (Again, or something… I may easily be misremembering stuff here.) And so when Bowman goes through the monolith, it represents his effort to escape his narrative… but then he ends up in that little room, where he goes from young man to old man to super-old-nearly-dead man. And when the old man breaks the glass on the table, it’s supposed to represent a break in the narrative…

Yeah.. I’m almost certain that’s probably misremembered. Here’s a link so you can watch it.

Another one of his interesting analyses pertains to A Clockwork Orange. And how the plot of clockwork orange symbolizes man’s struggle against tyranny and fascism. (There’s some other stuff about colour and the European Union, but I was only half-paying attention to that one.)

So, in A Clockwork Orange, the protagonist, Alex and his gang (of droogs) get into a fight with some punks in an abandoned theatre. As it happens, the punks are all wearing Nazi or German WWII paraphernalia. And so Alex and his gang beat up the Nazi gang and this represents man’s ability to triumph over fascism.

Later on in the movie, when Alex is getting the Ludivico treatment, a bunch of Nazi symbolism is flashed across the screen. For awhile, Alex is affected by the Ludivico treatment – nausea when he feels violent, that sorta thing. But by the end of the movie, Alex has overcome the Ludivico treatment – and this also represents man’s ultimate ability to triumph over tyranny.

Now, I should probably close by saying this is almost certainly misconstrued, and that I’m misremembering things or confusing Ager’s film analysis with other stuff that I’ve read. So I’ll give you another link to Ager’s analysis: A Clockwork Orange.

However, here’s a warning: If you’re into film analysis, you will eventually end up watching all of his videos. Some are short and sweet – some (like the analysis of The Warriors) are over an hour long. But each and every one is thought provoking.

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From yesterday… the day with no internet

So my internet’s down, and I have to do my writing offline like a chump.

I will say, I am phenomenally productive when the internet is down. No checking my e-mail every few seconds – no getting lost on reddit for hours on end looking at stupid pictures. On the one hand, I’m happy my internet is down because I can get a lot of work done. On the other hand, I’m annoyed because there’s a world of information at my fingertips just waiting for me…. and I can’t get on! Gaugh!

Oh well…

I think I need to probably stop bringing an iPod to the gym. I make too many faces. What happens is I get to the gym, hop on the elliptical to warm up and then crank up the tunes. (I need to crank them up because otherwise I’m forced to listen to the garbage that Goodlife plays. What’s a great workout song, according to Goodlife? Taylor Swift. Ugh.)

Anyhoo, when I’m listening to music, I generally listen most to the drums (as I play the drums.) And out of habit, I’ll tap along to the rhythym with my fingers. But, if the song gets to an intense drum part, my finger tapping will reflect it, and I’ll be slamming my fingers down with force against the cardio machine. This, of course, makes me look like a lunatic – as no one else can hear my music, only me.

Along with finger banging, I also tend to make faces. Since I’m at the gym, my iPod is full of Metallica and Motorhead. All my songs are fast, loud and intense. Often during these songs there’s grunts or yells, and although I stop short of actually yelling, I certainly make a yelling face. (That is to say, I open my mouth and grimace as if I were going to yell… without actually yelling.) Naturally, for anyone watching, they’re seeing a sweaty, hairy man slamming his fingers against the machine and periodically grimacing like a maniac.

No wonder it’s so hard to pick up at the gym.


sigh, internet still down. I’m like Pavlov’s dog with my constant checking to see if it’s back up. Start doing something – less than 10 seconds later, “Is it up yet? I’d better check!”

I will say this about the gym. It is generally packed with hot women. In their little booty shorts or yoga pants… fuggehdabootit!

Then again, the free weights area is usually populated by men doing curls or tricep extensions. This sort of… greatly angers me! Mostly because, due to the fact that I had a kidney transplant 15 years ago, I’m on muscle-wasting steroids, which means not only can I not eat a shitload of protein everyday, but I also struggle to gain muscle mass. If I were to take a 2 week layoff from the gym, and progress I would have made in the gym up to that point is almost instantly wiped out.

So it’s super frustrating when I see curl-bros in the gym, curling in my squat rack. I have the feeling that my exercise program is superior, but of course, you wouldn’t know it to look at me. (There’s also the little matter of the steroids I take causing excess fat to all go to my belly. Wonderful.)

Well… I suppose I’m pretty jealous of super fit guys as well. I’m more angry about the fact that any twerp can come in off the street and right away out lift me. Frustrating.

At least I’ve got my proper rowing machine form going for me. That’s one thing I can lord over everyone else. And isn’t that why we all go to the gym in the first place?

Well, that and those hot hot girls in their yoga pants.

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Sleep ramble and Rob Ager’s Analysis of The Thing

I tell ya, I almost consistently underestimate how much sleep I need on a day to day basis. Last week I was doing well with writing, having written Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But then, Tuesday night, I thought to myself, “Well… I don’t have class tomorrow so I can stay up late and surf the internet!” But, then I still wake up at the same time I always do… which makes me super sleepy throughout the day. And then when I’m super sleepy, I convince myself that I don’t have enough energy to do all my chores.

And skipping a day of chores leads to more skipping of chores. It’s a vicious cycle and tough to get back into the swing of things.

Luckily, I managed to get to bed early last night and so I’m back on the writing train today and hopefully for the rest of the week. I’ve also refocused my mind so that I’ve got the mindset of, “No internet until all my chores are done.” This is a good mindset to have, but might be tough to keep up over the long term. Anyhoo, we’ll see how things go.

So… what’s in the news nowadays? Well… I can’t check the news at the moment, ’cause that counts as internet. So I’ll tell you all about what I did yesterday when I was pissing away the day.

I found some movie analysis by this guy called Rob Ager on youtube. He was first brought to my attention by a post on Reddit – where Ager had made a 10 minute video explaining a crucial plot point in the movie The Thing.

If you haven’t seen The Thing – the original, starring Kurt Russell – then you should download it and watch it. It’s a horror/thriller and is super well done.

The main gist of it is Kurt Russell is some sort of handsome arctic scientist, and he arrives in Antarctica at some research station to do some research. If I remember correctly, he’s out exploring with some fellow scientists when they come across a murdered party of other scientists. After briefly investigating, they head back to their research station – but the implication is that The Thing (which is some sort of alien or bacteria/alien/invisible thing) has accompanied them back to the station. The rest of the movie is an exercise in paranoia, as person after person becomes infected by The Thing, and that makes their guts explode and turn into monsters and all sorts of stuff.

Anyhoo, at one point in The Thing, the uninfected realize that The Thing is infecting people, and some of them may be infected. So they come up with a blood test to determine whether or not people are infected – and they draw a bit of blood from each of the remaining people. This blood is then stored in a temperature controlled safe and locked with a key. Something then happens and they’re all distracted for a bit. (Or they have to leave the blood to cool for an hour or something similar.)

So by the time they get back, they all find that the safe has been opened and the blood’s been tampered with. Immediately, paranoia sets in (or rather, gets ramped up another notch) with everyone pointing the finger at each other. One guy gets blamed and then… stuff happens. (Really, go watch the movie.)

Anyhoo, the main thing about the scene is that there’s only one set of keys… So Ager points out how during the intervening time between when they first draw the blood and when they return to the room, one member gets the keys from the librarian (or whoever holds the keys) and drops them out of fright. So that The Thing would have had the opportunity to obtain these keys without stealing them from the librarian. 

It’s quite a clever bit of analysis, as most people upon seeing that movie figure that it MUST have been the librarian who unlocked the blood safe. It’s a tiny little detail in the movie, but it shows just how well the movie was constructed… and that the outcome that we all thought MUST have been true was likely false.

So yeah – The Thing – it’s an awesome movie and you should watch it. Once you’re done watching it (and you’ve turned on all the lights in your house) hop on over to youtube and search for Rob Ager. He’s done quite a lot of movie analyses, so once you’re done with The Thing analysis, I’m sure you’ll watch all his other videos. Most of them are Kubrick related – and if there’s one director who requires in depth film analysis, it’s Kubrick.

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He could be the star of a show called, ‘Babies I Don’t Care About.’

So there’s all a bunch of hoopla surrounding the so called, “Royal Baby” nowadays. I have a better question, why i Britain still being ruled by an ancient, anachronistic feudal system?

Really? Royalty, that’s who your rulers are. Not elected, they’ve just been there since the Hapsburgs kicked the shit out of the Normans (or whatever, I’m not big on feudal history) and now they get to rule Brittania until they die? This is like something from the dark ages!

I mean, in this day in age, the royals certainly can’t claim to be ordained by God. So what authority do they have to rule, exactly? Only the authority that the people give them… and apparently the people of Britain are stupid enough to accept this system.

Well, not only the people of Britain – let’s not forget that Canada is technically part of the commonwealth. That’s why we have a governor general, he’s the Queen’s representative in Canada and technically the highest authority in the land. 

Come on, people. Can we end this feudal nonsense? Even the cyber-fascist Orwellian nightmare we’re slowly descending into has to be better than ruling by divine providence.


Needless to say, I don’t care much for the new royal baby. However, it’s constantly on tv – it was front fucking page news today! – for a style of rule that ended with Magellan. 

Meanwhile, there’s actual, legitimate news that’s happening around the world, but we have to hear about how people are lining up at Buckingham palace to give the new baby presents. Muh huh, I’m sure the royals appreciate your well wishes, peasants.

There’s a reason the 5th of November is still a holiday in England.

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Steam Sale Is Over

So the Steam summer sale is over, and I picked up a bunch of games I wouldn’t have otherwise: Rome: Total War, Tropico 4, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Simcity 4. A couple weeks before the Steam sale I picked up Just Cause 2 and the X3 series.

Now, of these games, Bioshock is the one that’s been rated the highest universally. It generally appears in the top 10 of lists of “greatest games of all time” and/or “greatest shooters of all time” and stuff like that. So I started playing it yesterday – and MAAAAn is it spooky. You’re in some underwater town for some reason, and there’s all these zombie things running around trying to kill you. Most of them can talk, so I’m always hearing creepy voices whenever I’m walking anywhere in game. I played it for maybe 45 minutes yesterday until I got too freaked out and left it.

However, I know I’m going to have to go finish it eventually. Currently, there’s a game out called Bioshock Infinite which is getting rave reviews, and so I’ve got to finish the first 2 bioshocks before I can play that one. (Also, by the time I finish the first two bioshocks, the price will have dropped significantly on Bioshock 3.) As well, Bioshock is said to have one of the greatest “twists” of all time – although I sort of know the defining line of the twist, maybe it’ll still come as a surprise when I’m playing the game.

As for the other games – Just Cause 2 is pure, unadulterated fun. You play some sort of mercenary who has to help various factions take over an island run by a corrupt dictator – but it’s an open world game, where you basically travel all over the island and blow shit up. You can get into helicopters, planes, tanks, LAV’s, etc… So much wanton destruction! It’s awesome! Plus, you’ve got this grappling hook dealie on your arm, so you can swing around like Spider-man! I’ve already put some serious time into this game.

The X3 series seems cool, although it’s taking me a long time to do anything worthwhile. I started out by playing one of the initial missions, then died pretty quickly. So I’m currently playing from scratch, and things seem to be going better.

X3 is a space trading type of game. You start with a single ship, and then you fly from sector to sector trading with others, upgrading your ship, completing missions and getting into fights. It’s pretty cool, but I think it’s like Civilization in that any one game can take 5-20 hours to complete.

Tropico 4 is a city building game, but I haven’t had the patience to make it through the tutorials yet. The games I play depend on what mood I’m in, and I haven’t been in a terribly patient mood lately. I figure next time I want to play a city-builder, I’ll check out a Let’s Play on youtube and gleam some tips from it that way.

Speaking of city builders, I already own Sim City 4 – except I lost the license. Plus, the Steam sale bundled in the SC4 expansion pack: Rush Hour, so for 5 bucks or so, it was a pretty sweet deal. Sim City 4 I tried playing yesterday as well, but I also didn’t have the patience for it either. For SC4, I need a grand vision of the type of region I want to make before I start playing. Then again, I’ve never played the rush hour sequel, so maybe that’s worth trying out next time.

Rome: Total War I’ve played before, but as a bootleg copy. It was on sale today for $2.50, so I figured I might as well. The one drawback to the Total War games ( I also own Shogun 2) is the lack of tutorials for city management. If they had some rudimentary tutorial which would let me know how to best promote my cities and what the hell is going on with how I get reinforcements, that’d make it almost a perfect game. Rome: TW is a lot like Civilization, except that every battle is fought on a different screen – the battle screen, which contains up to 10,000 individual units. Strategy plays a big role in the battles in the TW series – you can flank your opponent, charge from the rear, gain high ground, etc… It’s really phenomenal! 

Finally, Deus Ex:HR was also on sale today for $2.50, so I figured why not. Deus Ex (the original) has often been quoted as being the “best game ever” and the sequel, Deus Ex: HR is always mentioned in the same breath as being “a worthy successor.” I haven’t played this one yet, but I might fire it up one night on a whim and enjoy whatever gaming experience I have.

Anyhoo, Sundays are my regularly scheduled “videogame” days. It’s nice to have one day a week in which to goof off… It’s funny, yesterday, when I was playing videogames, I was sort of antsy because I wasn’t getting much done. Then today, while I was doing my work, I was just wishing it was yesterday and I could play videogames again.

Foolish humans we are. We’re never happy, and we always want what we don’t have.

Oh well… only 6 more sleeps until videogame day!


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Time is getting faster

As we age, it feels like time is accelerating. Stephen Fry, when talking about this idea, said his eldery grandmother used to say, “What? Breakfast already!?” 

Now, people can get real crazy about the time speeding up idea, and post stuff like this, which is pretty mumbo jumbo is, from my point of view. 

Let’s call time the 4th dimension, where dimension in this case does not mean solely the 4th axis which is at a right angle to the x, y and z dimension, but all possible axes through which time can move.

If we consider the universe at some fixed point in time, then it is solely in 3 dimension. But there is no consciousness solely in 3 dimensions, simply because nothing is moving. We have no time dimensions, which means that nothing is moving. If nothing is moving, then how can that consciousness exist? If we loosely define consciousness as self-awareness, then there’s no chance for self-awareness if nothing is moving – if the entire electromagnetic spectrum is fixed, then there is no exchange of information, which means we cannot generate this self-awareness.

Thus, we can specify that consciousness does not exist unless there are time dimensions. For us, this means that we are conscious only so far as we are moving through time.

Hence, this is why as we get older, it feels like time is accelerating. Because as a 4-dimensional creature, we are also growing through time. 


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The dumb news stories we hear about

So there’s a big hubbub going around about how Rolling Stone magazine put whatshisface, Boston Bomber on the cover. (I don’t know his name, something like Tsarnaev Dkovakhim or something like that…) So there’s honest to god news stories about how the magazine put this guy on the cover.

Christ almighty – there’s real news that needs reporting on.

First of all, it is the job of Rolling Stone magazine to sell magazines. The logic is simple; Rolling Stone is a magazine run by a company. Companies exist to make profit. Ergo, selling more copies of Rolling Stone magazine will lead to greater profits for the company.

So they put a picture of whosits on the cover and suddenly everyone is outraged? At a fucking picture on magazine with a history of controversial covers? Really? And so the newsmedia has to report on this manufactured controversy like it merits discussion!? Absurd!

There are REAL news stories that deserve consideration. Like how about the Snowden leaks, or the suspicious death of Michael Hastings? I hear Jimmy Carter candidly describe the US as, “…having no functioning democracy.” That’s Jimmy Motherfucking “39th president of the United States” Carter saying this shit – not some pot smoking 1st year college dropout! This is real and actual news! America (and the rest of the West) are ever so gradually becoming some sort of techno-fascist nightmare, and the news is reporting on a controversial cover of a magazine!?!?

Well, it’s like I’ve been saying. The mainstream media is little more than government sponsored propaganda. We get plenty of “news” stories about manufactured outrage (Zimmerman, Rolling Stone cover) – plenty of “news” stories about dumb celebrities (that guy from glee who died, North West is a stupid name) and since it’s the summer, report after report about how hot it is.

Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave. 

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Goals because I had no internet today

My internet was down all goddamn day. I’ve never been more productive!

But, as I’ve been informationally challenged all day, the only thing I’ve been thinking about today has been math and goals. Now, I wont post about math because there’s no appropriate symbols, so I’ll say a little thing about goals.

Got a goal? You don’t – then you don’t have a reason to live, as far as I’m concerned. If you’re a man, then you should have a long term goal. Whether that’s to scale mount everest or lose 20 lbs or nail that hot chick who works in accounting.

Once you’ve got a goal, you’ve got a direction to head towards – something meaningful to yourself to which you can dedicate your effort. Without a goal, you’re merely coasting through life, doing stuff for other people and simply existing. Goals give your life meaning and purpose.

But achieving our goals isn’t easy. We’ve got to work every goddamn day on our goals! Every day!

And you wont like it, at first. You may never like it. I know of Olympic atheletes who’ve been training regularly for 15+ years. But still, every morning they have to convince themselves to get outta bed. It’ll be the same way for your goals. The first day, oh, that’s easy. You’re full of piss and vinegar and ready to work hard and get stuff done. But the second day, the second day is when you realize that goals take a long, long time – and that it also takes hard, consistent, daily effort. Most people give up on the second day, or half-ass it or whatever.

The key to goals is persistence. If you never give up on your goals, and you do a little something each day to make progress, then it is inevitable that you will achieve your goals. INEVITABLE!! The only thing you have to do is never quit.

One thing I find that helps is to think about the end result. It can be beneficial to change your computer background to reflect this. If you’ve got a goal of losing 20lbs, and you’ve been dieting for 3 days and want to quit and go eat McDoonalls [sic] hamburgers, then try to think of what you’ll look like after you lose those 20lbs. Whenever you’re trying to resist temptation, think about your goals.

Goals goals goals! Today was a great goals day for me – got lots of math done, went to the gym (it was my day off) and managed to get my writing done at the 11th hour, thanks to a last minute internet check.

That’s the other thing about goals. It’s hard in the beginning, but then you build momentum. And like a snowball which creates an avalanche, the more you work on your goals, consistently, day in, day out, the more momentum you generate and the easier it gets to work on your goals.

Finally, here’s my current background image. I could talk for hours about goals, but I’ll leave it here for now.



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Black people need to stop acting so niggardly

Man, black people aren’t doing themselves any favours.

So, Zimmerman was found not guilty by trial, and some black people decided that riots was the best solution. It’s not like this is a Rodney King, clearly the judge is protecting cops, kinda deal. Nope – we have, basically, an open and shut case, thanks to the borderline moronic ‘stand your ground law’ in Florida. 

What happened was Zimmerman saw a suspicious looking character, followed him, they got in a fight, and he shot the kid. By the stand your ground law, that’s totally legal. And the jury recognized it as such.

Now, first of all, if Zimmerman were black, this wouldn’t even be on the news. But because he isn’t black, it’s all over the news. Why? I ask you – it’s not really symptomatic of a greater issue, as there’s no epidemic of non-black people killing black people. This source says that 85% of all murders of black people are committed by other black people.

Really, black people should be outraged at the level of black on black crime and murders! If 15% of the time, black people are being murdered by non-black people, that’s no good reason to riot.

Lemme tell ya, black people have plenty of reason to riot. For starters, there’s the war on drugs, which is essentially a war on black people. Not to mention black people get harassed by cops WAY more often than non-black people. As well, I would argue that hip-hop is no longer the inspirational force it once was – hip-hop used to be the ‘black CNN’, but now it’s all about how to piss away your money on useless material goods.

If you identify as a ‘victim’, or you belong to a ‘victim group’, then you’re not doing yourself any favours. If you take on ‘victim’ status based on your skin colour (or religion, or sex, etc…) then you’re giving up your personal power and seeing the world in terms of how much you’re being victimized. If I identify with a victim group, and say I get denied a loan, I am now MORE likely to attribute this loan denial to my victimhood, rather than whatever the real reasons were. As time progresses, I’m constantly going to be blaming my misfortunes on this victim status, rather than looking internally for more constructive solutions.

Now, I’m not saying, of course, that black people don’t get discriminated against. But I would argue that any black person can achieve greatness. The first step is to stop thinking of yourself as black, and instead think of yourself as a person.

Finally, the media is complicit in all the rioting that’s going on. CNN covered this story like no tomorrow – all while WAY more goddamn important stories are out there. Any follow up to the suspicious death of Michael Hastings? I didn’t hear a whole lot about the Snowden files while the Zimmerman trial was going on. Bradley Manning is still being tried for revealing US war crimes… nothing about that on the tube. This whole sordid episode is pretty goddamn disgusting – and Nancy Grace is still an inhuman piece of shit cunt.

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