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Canada Day Update – Regular Writing Resumes

I killed at the wedding.

My MC gig went very, very well. The first thing anyone said to me all night was how great a job I did as MC and how they all enjoyed it. Even the DJ said my opening remarks were… remarkably good, he said they were among the best he’s ever heard, and he’s done 1000’s of weddings. I dunno if he says that to every MC, but I frickin’ doubt it ’cause I was awesome as the MC.

Other wedding news: both the bride and groom looked very happy, and everyone danced up a storm and got drunk and a good time was had by all. I had a hangover breakfast the next morning of eggs & cream cheese on a bagel in hollandaise sauce (or similar) with tomatoes and green onions with a side order of bacon. Plus lots of coffee and lots of water – it was a really good breakfast.

Anyhoo, now that my part in the wedding has been played, I can look forward to the rest of the summer; working on my class, working on my PhD, consistency in the gym and consistency with writing.

What else – oh, I plan on devoting Fridays to my youtube channels; that is, a channel for gaming and a channel for comedy. I was on the fence about doing stand-up comedy, but I figure if I create a youtube channel, and every Friday I create a 1-2 minute video of original material, then that will get me acquainted with the comedy writing process. Once I’ve got 10 good bits, I’ll head down to Yuk Yuk’s on a Wednesday night (amateur night) and see if my awesome set at the wedding wasn’t just a fluke. 

Also, my gaming channel has been suffering since I got Grid 2 – I’ll have to figure out what games I’m going to play and how I want to narrate them. Maybe I’ll switch over to NHL13 and just talk about what’s wrong with the game – or I can move to Grid 2 and do a long, long series about that one. We’ll see…

Anyhoo, lots of big stuff coming up this summer. Regular writing should resume right about now-ish.

Happy Canada Day!


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