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People who like Downton Abbey don’t like it when you call it Downtown Abbey

So I’m watching Downton Abbey at the moment, which will hereafter always be referred to as Downtown Abbey – and despite my initial misgivings about it being a boring, stuffy show about wealthy landowners, I’m only on the 4th episode and I’m already hooked.

These types of shows are fun, because I think the audience can always appreciate the simplicities of yesteryear. It’s romantic to see a world without the conveniences of modern day life – it makes life look much more peaceful. (Even though the show takes place just after World War I – or during, not totally sure. It might be about 1917 in the show ’cause it starts off the Titanic just sunk – was it 1917 or 1919 the Titanic sunk? Well, I’m too lazy to Google so I’ll guess it’s 1917.)

Anyhoo, the show centers around the Downton house and its inhabitants and their lives. When I say inhabitants, I don’t just mean the snooty landowners, I also mean the show follows the lives of the maids and butlers and all the myriad servants who live underneath the Downton roof. Naturally, from the get go, there’s a bunch of intrigue surrounding the inheritance of Lord Downton (who’s called Lord Grantham for some reason in the show) and who’ll get his inheritance now that two of his sons have died on the Titanic. (Or something close to that, I wasn’t really paying attention to the first episode.)

It stars Maggie Smith as Lord Queen Dowager Bitch or something and that foxy redhead from Game of Thrones who’s always telling Jon Snow he knows nothing. The first episode sort of centers about the inheritence and who’s going to get it – but I didn’t pay much attention to that. The B story in the first episode was about how Lord Downton’s new butler has a bum leg from the war and can’t really perform his duties admirably. (Also, the new butler served under Lord Downton in the war.) So Lord Downton is about to send the guy away – then at the last moment stops the car and takes him under his wing. So we know right from the start that Lord Downton is a good guy.

Maggie Smith, however, is suitably called the Dowager Bitch, ’cause she is bitchy at just about every opportunity. She does not suffer fools gladly and is always on the lookout to establish herself as a “better class of person” than anyone else.

Oh, the show also stars the lady from the 1st or 2nd season of Doctor Who who becomes Prime Minister. Someone someone from Flydell North – can’t remember the characters name either.

Anyhoo, Downtown Abbey is pretty good so far. And that’s all I’ve got to say today!


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  1. The butler with the leg is called Mr. Bates. I’m waiting for him to become a lord so they’ll call him Master Bates.

    Comment by sarcasticus | July 2, 2013 | Reply

  2. Also, the Titanic sank in 1912 – so there’s going to be a big ruckus later on…

    Comment by sarcasticus | July 2, 2013 | Reply

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