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Late night ramble

Late night posts about stuff, I guess.

Couldn’t get it going today, too tired. I stayed up last night watching Downtown [sic] Abbey until 2:30. Now I just started the 3rd season, so Matthew and Whosits are getting married finally but the Earl lost his money or a chunk or something and now I’m all invested in every character and falling in love with these screwy Brits. I can see why people are so mental over Downtown Abbey.

Well, I did get all those homeworks marked. Those students who are taking advantage of the homework bonus marks will do well. Plus it helps me know where people are screwing up in their questions.

NHL 14 comes out Sep 10. I’m stoked, as usual…Aw yeah, we’ve seen how there’s gonna be better hit physics and deking, now we’re getting a fighting upgrade. This game looks pretty awesome – hopefully the menus will have changed some. This’ll be the last NHL game on the current gen Xbox and then next year I’ll have to spring for the PS4 or similar around this time.

I’ll tell ya what would be a good game, some sort of top down view, where I set up and plan military operations by land, sea and air but it’s all somehow a turn based strategy game. Something like axis and allies, but before each battle, the player takes into account the terrain and resources, and then turn based advantages based on these factors. In essence, a more detailed way to resolve the battle than rolling the dice. And you can choose how much to invest based on your population – native and captured – towards r & d and secret projects and espionage. Mmm yes… it all sorta makes sense in my head.

Anyhoo, it’s late and I want to watch Downtown Abbey.



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