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Too much McDonalds – A Ramble about how I should get in shape

Welp, back to teaching today. I gave the students a bunch of tips and tricks they’ll need for math. One guy I had today dropped the class after 20 minutes of writing his makeup test. Sheesh. I guess math is just too intimidating for some people. Also that second test was a killer.

Anyhoo, my belly is full of burgers from McDonalds and so once again I’m left wondering why I would order so many burgers just to get an upset stomach. I’m still in ‘fat guy’ mode of thinking about food – best dollar per calorie value. I’ve got to think instead like a skinny person – I’ll just eat enough to feel satiated and not stuffed – and hang the cost! Well, this is what I’ll do then.

What would be an ideal caloric day for me

BKFST: Boost – 240kcal

Veggie/Protein/Fiber shake – 400kcal

Ramen noodles – 400kcal

Chicken and rice – 400kcal

Junk – 500kcal

That gives me 1920kcal for the day, lots of carbs, not much over 75g of protein, and then I can chow down on junk for up to 500kcal. I suppose this would be a good diet to follow… but starting Monday of course. 

It’s tough coming back from vacation and getting into the swing of things. I’ve only gone to the gym once this week – so I’m going to try and go tomorrow and Saturday, so I can get in my 3 workouts of the week.

I think what’s eventually going to happen is I’ll build up a grubsteak while living at my parents’ house, then after I get my PhD, I’ll get a job somewhere making some money and I can move forward with my plan.

Until then, I’ve got to get into a routine for the rest of the summer. Gym MWF between 2:00-3:00pm or after 8:00pm if there’s no car during the day. Of course, on Friday, the gym closes at 10:00 so I could get there a little earlier than 8:00.

Ideally, I’d go Monday through Saturday – doing the main lifts on MWF and then abs and arms and cadio on Tues/Thurs/Sun. However, until the glutes/upper hams aren’t strained so much, three times a week is sufficient. Also I should make sure to do the 30 min cardio beforehand, not after.

When it comes to goals, health is the first thing I want to have handled. I’m currently around 160lbs, but think I could stand to weight around 145lbs. Of course, to be lean I have to eat lean, and that starts by not eating 4 McDoubles with bacon for dinner…. Ugh.


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