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Free Agent Frenzy Hits Ottawa In The Teeth

So lots has been going on with the Ottawa Senators this weekend.

First, the bad news – Alfie’s gone. Not gone like, retired – but gone, as in, gone to another team! Dear Lord, say it ain’t so, Alfie! – Well, whatevs. If you want to not be worshiped as a hero until the end of your days in Ottawa, that’s your business. But really, Detroit? You’re gonna move your family to Detroit? That’s a big step down from Ottawa, Daniel. I hope you send your kids to private school, otherwise they’ll get eaten alive in public school.

The good news for the Sens is that we picked up a good winger in the form of Clarke MacArthur – and picked up a legit 1st line winger in Bobby Ryan. Bobby Frickin’ Ryan! He’s better than Heatley ever was and now he’s gonna play on a line with Spezza!? I smell a 240 pt season… well, probably not – but he could score 40 goals and 90 points – those aren’t unrealistic numbers. Of course, Spezza will have to stay healthy all season – but if he does – man oh man!

In other surprising news, we signed Joe Corvo to a 1-year deal. “Sloppy” Joe Corvo – played on the 06-07 SC finals team – treated harshly by the Ottawa media, but matured in Carolina (enough to wear the A for awhile) so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

One thing I keep reading about Joe Corvo was basically how he didn’t handle the media well. Can you blame him? All the sports reporters for the Ottawa Sun are straight-up cunts. Especially Don Brennan, who called Karlsson a “garbage pick.” Great insight Don, but Erik can’t hear you over the sound of his Norris trophy win.

Anyhoo, Alfie leaving was a pretty big deal here in Ottawa. I know I was bummed out all weekend because of it, and could only muster the energy to play videogames in the dark in my room. (It’s all I wanted to do anyway, so things worked out nicely.) It’s going to be weird to see Alfie in a Red Wings uniform, but if when he plays in Ottawa, I hope the fans still give the 11:11 Alfie cheer. After all, he was our captain for almost 15 years – he built the Ottawa Senators and carried them on his back so many goddamn times… Tough to see him go… Oh God Alfie, WHY!?!?!?

He was the best

He was the best


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