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This will be of little interest

Eventually, we all talk about the weather. When it’s crazy hot, we can all sympathize. Today it’s crazy hot.

One good thing about living with the rents is the air conditioned house. However, my room is on the 2nd floor, and the AC fan isn’t strong enough to reach the 2nd floor. So it’s noticeably hotter up here than it is on the main floor. The basement is like an arctic outpost, it’s gloriously cold down there. First world problems.

My classes are getting better, I think. We’re all small group, so I know everyone quite well. Bodacious Rack only shows up on Tuesdays, generally, which is somewhat disappointing, but she’s done very well on her first few tests, so maybe she already knows what’s going on. But all the students today seemed shocked when I started telling them about i, the imaginary unit.

i is defined to be the square root of -1. This is called the imaginary unit, and it has the property that i*i = -1. So, i squared equals -1. This is amazing! Everyone seemed pretty intimidated, I think – but I suppose I’ll give them the exercises from 12.1, the chapter on complex numbers. There’s more in there than they need, so I’ll have to teach them about complex numbers and how we add and multiply them. That’s not too difficult, especially since I’m not really worried about mathematical rigour anymore.

That’s right, WordPress – rigour is properly spelled with a ‘u’.

Anyhoo, this, I’m sure, has been of interest to few – so I’ll spice it up a bit.



Lets hear it for boobs everyone! G’night everybody!


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