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The universe and stuff

Picture the universe as a sort of soap bubble. This soap bubble has 3 dimensions – height, length and girth as they are commonly known, or the x,y,z-axis if you’re mathematically inclined. This soap bubble is floating through higher dimensional space. We experience this as time.

So our universe is floating in a higher dimensional sea of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. And that’s pretty much the best way to describe it, because it’s higher dimensional, and there’s no good way of picturing such a thing. 

This timey-wimey stuff might also be called consciousness. As it’s the passage of time that allows us to learn more about ourselves. 

Anyhoo, this is what I like to think about when I smoke cannabis. The universe is a big place, but it’s also governed by the laws of mathematics. Most importantly, if we think of the universe as a great big system, then our universe is governed by Godel’s theorem.

Godel’s theorem, states that in any self-contained system, the veracity of that system cannot be proven by statements within that system alone. Now, for mathematical completeness, a system in this instance is governed by a set of axioms which are held to be true. 

For the universe, it’s governed by the laws of gravity and electromagnetism and the nuclear ones. Of course, these are not axioms, but our system is setup under the assumption that we hold these theories to be axiomatically true. That way, if our knowledge of the underlying physics changes, we can change our initial axioms.

But it wont change the fact that these axioms can never be proven completely true within the system. That’s why there’ll never be a grand unified theory of physics, why we can never find out what happens to us after we die, why we’ll never settle which belief system is best, etc…

Godel’s incompleteness theorem is one powerful mutha.


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