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Musings on a BBQ

So I was at a BBQ yesterday at my good buddy Apple’s house. (He’s Apple, I’m Cinnamon, his son is called AppleJacks. Together we solve breakfast related crimes.) It was 30 degrees out (Celsius of course – what is this Farenheit nonsense?) and crazy hot. But the one thing I did notice was just how many of the women there were pregnant.

There was an extraordinary number of tiny humans (AKA: children) at this BBQ. There was something like 15-20 couples that showed up, and myself as the only single. There were literally only 2 couples who weren’t expecting or had kids. The rest all had little babies running around – and, no joke, at least 5 to 7 women were pregnant. Crazy!

By the time I left, it was getting quite hectic. Most of the dads had been drinking, and when guys get to drinking, they inevitably talk louder as the day progresses. So, on top of that, most of the kids were starting to get cranky from the heat and it was close to many toddlers’ bedtimes… And of course all the women were gathered in a circle doing heloise or whatever it is that women do… Throw the heat on top of that and it was quite the busy afternoon.

For an introvert like me, I really enjoyed the following 5 hours of absolute solitude and silence. Woke up today, nice and quiet… Had a leisurely morning of drinking coffee and listening to 13 by Black Sabbath… Spent my day working on my various projects… went to the gym… did some laundry… A nice quiet day. 

Although I sometimes get the pang of wanting kids – a scene will flash through my mind about how it’d be fun to play catch with my son – I think ultimately I’m too selfish to ever change my ways. Why wouldn’t I live to maximize my own happiness? Will my biological programming kick in eventually, and I’ll start frantically searching for a mate to settle down with and have kids? (For women, this is called “turning 30”.) I suppose it might, as nature is a powerful bitch. But for now, I’m content to enjoy my lazy mornings of coffee and music and be nowhere near the piercing scream of an infant who needs a diaper change.

I will say this, though. AppleJacks is one hell of a cutiepie – and when he turns 14, I’m buying him a firearm and some ultraporn.


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