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What a perfect day looks like to me

Boy howdy, what a day. Up at the crack of 11:00am to drink coffee and do math. Then off to school to print my test, do a bit of shopping, hit the gym – and it’s 12 hours later. Time sure does fly.

One thing I like to think about often enough is what would my perfect day look like? This is an exercise you can try at home. It goes like this – if your life were perfect at some point in the future (say, 5 years from now) what would it look like? Remember, you don’t have to worry about how these things are going to happen – just worry about what perfection looks like to you.

For me, I can picture it now…

It’s dark out, dawn is still an hour away, but I’m up. I’m out of bed and making coffee…ready to start my day. Once the coffee’s made, I’ll walk into my office, sit down at my massive mahogany desk and write out my goals for the day. That done, and with a whole bunch of coffee left to drink, and the Earth not yet risen, everything dark and quiet, I’ll do some math. 

I love doing math first thing in the morning – especially if it’s quiet and dark. It feels like I’ve got the whole world to myself. My mind is crisp and ready to go – the whole day is full of promise.

So that’s how I’d like to spend my morning – wake up super early, drink coffee and do math. After a few hours, my wife will get up and begin making breakfast for the two of us. We’ll sit down to a nice breakfast, just the two of us – and discuss the day ahead.

After breakfast, she’ll clean up and do her thing – and I’ll shave and shower and get dressed to meet the day. Once I’m all gussied up, I’ll drive into the University where I work. I teach two classes – which works out to one class a day, Monday through Thursday. Once at work, I’ll do some lecture notes, teach my class, handle office politics, and be outta there by noon. Once noon hits, that’s my math quota for the day.

I drive home where my wife has lunch ready for us. We relax and enjoy each other’s company – talk about our mornings and the news of the day.

After lunch, I retire once again to my office where I write for a couple hours. I plan on having many writing projects on the go – some math related, some comedy related, and some not related to anything.

After lunch has digested, it’s off to the gym for a grueling workout. This takes about two hours, including showering afterwards. This is the culmination of my working day. After the gym, the rest of my day is nothing but relaxing with my hobbies. Either playing music, working on comedy or just playing videogames.

This takes me to dinner, where my wife once again has dinner ready. We take our time eating – she likes a glass of wine with dinner sometimes – and we’re all pretty calm and relaxed after our busy days. After dinner, we’ll take a walk around the lake – I live near a lake – and just digest dinner and relax.

Finally, when we get home – it’s time for sex. She dresses up in a sexy outfit, while I parade around in my skimpiest boxer briefs. Sex every night – you bet!

Afterwards, we might smoke a joint and watch a movie or read… but we always fall asleep snuggled together. Happy after another perfect day.

Yeah – that sounds like one hell of a day to me!


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