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Black people need to stop acting so niggardly

Man, black people aren’t doing themselves any favours.

So, Zimmerman was found not guilty by trial, and some black people decided that riots was the best solution. It’s not like this is a Rodney King, clearly the judge is protecting cops, kinda deal. Nope – we have, basically, an open and shut case, thanks to the borderline moronic ‘stand your ground law’ in Florida. 

What happened was Zimmerman saw a suspicious looking character, followed him, they got in a fight, and he shot the kid. By the stand your ground law, that’s totally legal. And the jury recognized it as such.

Now, first of all, if Zimmerman were black, this wouldn’t even be on the news. But because he isn’t black, it’s all over the news. Why? I ask you – it’s not really symptomatic of a greater issue, as there’s no epidemic of non-black people killing black people. This source says that 85% of all murders of black people are committed by other black people.

Really, black people should be outraged at the level of black on black crime and murders! If 15% of the time, black people are being murdered by non-black people, that’s no good reason to riot.

Lemme tell ya, black people have plenty of reason to riot. For starters, there’s the war on drugs, which is essentially a war on black people. Not to mention black people get harassed by cops WAY more often than non-black people. As well, I would argue that hip-hop is no longer the inspirational force it once was – hip-hop used to be the ‘black CNN’, but now it’s all about how to piss away your money on useless material goods.

If you identify as a ‘victim’, or you belong to a ‘victim group’, then you’re not doing yourself any favours. If you take on ‘victim’ status based on your skin colour (or religion, or sex, etc…) then you’re giving up your personal power and seeing the world in terms of how much you’re being victimized. If I identify with a victim group, and say I get denied a loan, I am now MORE likely to attribute this loan denial to my victimhood, rather than whatever the real reasons were. As time progresses, I’m constantly going to be blaming my misfortunes on this victim status, rather than looking internally for more constructive solutions.

Now, I’m not saying, of course, that black people don’t get discriminated against. But I would argue that any black person can achieve greatness. The first step is to stop thinking of yourself as black, and instead think of yourself as a person.

Finally, the media is complicit in all the rioting that’s going on. CNN covered this story like no tomorrow – all while WAY more goddamn important stories are out there. Any follow up to the suspicious death of Michael Hastings? I didn’t hear a whole lot about the Snowden files while the Zimmerman trial was going on. Bradley Manning is still being tried for revealing US war crimes… nothing about that on the tube. This whole sordid episode is pretty goddamn disgusting – and Nancy Grace is still an inhuman piece of shit cunt.


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