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Goals because I had no internet today

My internet was down all goddamn day. I’ve never been more productive!

But, as I’ve been informationally challenged all day, the only thing I’ve been thinking about today has been math and goals. Now, I wont post about math because there’s no appropriate symbols, so I’ll say a little thing about goals.

Got a goal? You don’t – then you don’t have a reason to live, as far as I’m concerned. If you’re a man, then you should have a long term goal. Whether that’s to scale mount everest or lose 20 lbs or nail that hot chick who works in accounting.

Once you’ve got a goal, you’ve got a direction to head towards – something meaningful to yourself to which you can dedicate your effort. Without a goal, you’re merely coasting through life, doing stuff for other people and simply existing. Goals give your life meaning and purpose.

But achieving our goals isn’t easy. We’ve got to work every goddamn day on our goals! Every day!

And you wont like it, at first. You may never like it. I know of Olympic atheletes who’ve been training regularly for 15+ years. But still, every morning they have to convince themselves to get outta bed. It’ll be the same way for your goals. The first day, oh, that’s easy. You’re full of piss and vinegar and ready to work hard and get stuff done. But the second day, the second day is when you realize that goals take a long, long time – and that it also takes hard, consistent, daily effort. Most people give up on the second day, or half-ass it or whatever.

The key to goals is persistence. If you never give up on your goals, and you do a little something each day to make progress, then it is inevitable that you will achieve your goals. INEVITABLE!! The only thing you have to do is never quit.

One thing I find that helps is to think about the end result. It can be beneficial to change your computer background to reflect this. If you’ve got a goal of losing 20lbs, and you’ve been dieting for 3 days and want to quit and go eat McDoonalls [sic] hamburgers, then try to think of what you’ll look like after you lose those 20lbs. Whenever you’re trying to resist temptation, think about your goals.

Goals goals goals! Today was a great goals day for me – got lots of math done, went to the gym (it was my day off) and managed to get my writing done at the 11th hour, thanks to a last minute internet check.

That’s the other thing about goals. It’s hard in the beginning, but then you build momentum. And like a snowball which creates an avalanche, the more you work on your goals, consistently, day in, day out, the more momentum you generate and the easier it gets to work on your goals.

Finally, here’s my current background image. I could talk for hours about goals, but I’ll leave it here for now.




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