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The dumb news stories we hear about

So there’s a big hubbub going around about how Rolling Stone magazine put whatshisface, Boston Bomber on the cover. (I don’t know his name, something like Tsarnaev Dkovakhim or something like that…) So there’s honest to god news stories about how the magazine put this guy on the cover.

Christ almighty – there’s real news that needs reporting on.

First of all, it is the job of Rolling Stone magazine to sell magazines. The logic is simple; Rolling Stone is a magazine run by a company. Companies exist to make profit. Ergo, selling more copies of Rolling Stone magazine will lead to greater profits for the company.

So they put a picture of whosits on the cover and suddenly everyone is outraged? At a fucking picture on magazine with a history of controversial covers? Really? And so the newsmedia has to report on this manufactured controversy like it merits discussion!? Absurd!

There are REAL news stories that deserve consideration. Like how about the Snowden leaks, or the suspicious death of Michael Hastings? I hear Jimmy Carter candidly describe the US as, “…having no functioning democracy.” That’s Jimmy Motherfucking “39th president of the United States” Carter saying this shit – not some pot smoking 1st year college dropout! This is real and actual news! America (and the rest of the West) are ever so gradually becoming some sort of techno-fascist nightmare, and the news is reporting on a controversial cover of a magazine!?!?

Well, it’s like I’ve been saying. The mainstream media is little more than government sponsored propaganda. We get plenty of “news” stories about manufactured outrage (Zimmerman, Rolling Stone cover) – plenty of “news” stories about dumb celebrities (that guy from glee who died, North West is a stupid name) and since it’s the summer, report after report about how hot it is.

Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave. 


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