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Time is getting faster

As we age, it feels like time is accelerating. Stephen Fry, when talking about this idea, said his eldery grandmother used to say, “What? Breakfast already!?” 

Now, people can get real crazy about the time speeding up idea, and post stuff like this, which is pretty mumbo jumbo is, from my point of view. 

Let’s call time the 4th dimension, where dimension in this case does not mean solely the 4th axis which is at a right angle to the x, y and z dimension, but all possible axes through which time can move.

If we consider the universe at some fixed point in time, then it is solely in 3 dimension. But there is no consciousness solely in 3 dimensions, simply because nothing is moving. We have no time dimensions, which means that nothing is moving. If nothing is moving, then how can that consciousness exist? If we loosely define consciousness as self-awareness, then there’s no chance for self-awareness if nothing is moving – if the entire electromagnetic spectrum is fixed, then there is no exchange of information, which means we cannot generate this self-awareness.

Thus, we can specify that consciousness does not exist unless there are time dimensions. For us, this means that we are conscious only so far as we are moving through time.

Hence, this is why as we get older, it feels like time is accelerating. Because as a 4-dimensional creature, we are also growing through time. 



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