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Steam Sale Is Over

So the Steam summer sale is over, and I picked up a bunch of games I wouldn’t have otherwise: Rome: Total War, Tropico 4, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Simcity 4. A couple weeks before the Steam sale I picked up Just Cause 2 and the X3 series.

Now, of these games, Bioshock is the one that’s been rated the highest universally. It generally appears in the top 10 of lists of “greatest games of all time” and/or “greatest shooters of all time” and stuff like that. So I started playing it yesterday – and MAAAAn is it spooky. You’re in some underwater town for some reason, and there’s all these zombie things running around trying to kill you. Most of them can talk, so I’m always hearing creepy voices whenever I’m walking anywhere in game. I played it for maybe 45 minutes yesterday until I got too freaked out and left it.

However, I know I’m going to have to go finish it eventually. Currently, there’s a game out called Bioshock Infinite which is getting rave reviews, and so I’ve got to finish the first 2 bioshocks before I can play that one. (Also, by the time I finish the first two bioshocks, the price will have dropped significantly on Bioshock 3.) As well, Bioshock is said to have one of the greatest “twists” of all time – although I sort of know the defining line of the twist, maybe it’ll still come as a surprise when I’m playing the game.

As for the other games – Just Cause 2 is pure, unadulterated fun. You play some sort of mercenary who has to help various factions take over an island run by a corrupt dictator – but it’s an open world game, where you basically travel all over the island and blow shit up. You can get into helicopters, planes, tanks, LAV’s, etc… So much wanton destruction! It’s awesome! Plus, you’ve got this grappling hook dealie on your arm, so you can swing around like Spider-man! I’ve already put some serious time into this game.

The X3 series seems cool, although it’s taking me a long time to do anything worthwhile. I started out by playing one of the initial missions, then died pretty quickly. So I’m currently playing from scratch, and things seem to be going better.

X3 is a space trading type of game. You start with a single ship, and then you fly from sector to sector trading with others, upgrading your ship, completing missions and getting into fights. It’s pretty cool, but I think it’s like Civilization in that any one game can take 5-20 hours to complete.

Tropico 4 is a city building game, but I haven’t had the patience to make it through the tutorials yet. The games I play depend on what mood I’m in, and I haven’t been in a terribly patient mood lately. I figure next time I want to play a city-builder, I’ll check out a Let’s Play on youtube and gleam some tips from it that way.

Speaking of city builders, I already own Sim City 4 – except I lost the license. Plus, the Steam sale bundled in the SC4 expansion pack: Rush Hour, so for 5 bucks or so, it was a pretty sweet deal. Sim City 4 I tried playing yesterday as well, but I also didn’t have the patience for it either. For SC4, I need a grand vision of the type of region I want to make before I start playing. Then again, I’ve never played the rush hour sequel, so maybe that’s worth trying out next time.

Rome: Total War I’ve played before, but as a bootleg copy. It was on sale today for $2.50, so I figured I might as well. The one drawback to the Total War games ( I also own Shogun 2) is the lack of tutorials for city management. If they had some rudimentary tutorial which would let me know how to best promote my cities and what the hell is going on with how I get reinforcements, that’d make it almost a perfect game. Rome: TW is a lot like Civilization, except that every battle is fought on a different screen – the battle screen, which contains up to 10,000 individual units. Strategy plays a big role in the battles in the TW series – you can flank your opponent, charge from the rear, gain high ground, etc… It’s really phenomenal! 

Finally, Deus Ex:HR was also on sale today for $2.50, so I figured why not. Deus Ex (the original) has often been quoted as being the “best game ever” and the sequel, Deus Ex: HR is always mentioned in the same breath as being “a worthy successor.” I haven’t played this one yet, but I might fire it up one night on a whim and enjoy whatever gaming experience I have.

Anyhoo, Sundays are my regularly scheduled “videogame” days. It’s nice to have one day a week in which to goof off… It’s funny, yesterday, when I was playing videogames, I was sort of antsy because I wasn’t getting much done. Then today, while I was doing my work, I was just wishing it was yesterday and I could play videogames again.

Foolish humans we are. We’re never happy, and we always want what we don’t have.

Oh well… only 6 more sleeps until videogame day!



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