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He could be the star of a show called, ‘Babies I Don’t Care About.’

So there’s all a bunch of hoopla surrounding the so called, “Royal Baby” nowadays. I have a better question, why i Britain still being ruled by an ancient, anachronistic feudal system?

Really? Royalty, that’s who your rulers are. Not elected, they’ve just been there since the Hapsburgs kicked the shit out of the Normans (or whatever, I’m not big on feudal history) and now they get to rule Brittania until they die? This is like something from the dark ages!

I mean, in this day in age, the royals certainly can’t claim to be ordained by God. So what authority do they have to rule, exactly? Only the authority that the people give them… and apparently the people of Britain are stupid enough to accept this system.

Well, not only the people of Britain – let’s not forget that Canada is technically part of the commonwealth. That’s why we have a governor general, he’s the Queen’s representative in Canada and technically the highest authority in the land. 

Come on, people. Can we end this feudal nonsense? Even the cyber-fascist Orwellian nightmare we’re slowly descending into has to be better than ruling by divine providence.


Needless to say, I don’t care much for the new royal baby. However, it’s constantly on tv – it was front fucking page news today! – for a style of rule that ended with Magellan. 

Meanwhile, there’s actual, legitimate news that’s happening around the world, but we have to hear about how people are lining up at Buckingham palace to give the new baby presents. Muh huh, I’m sure the royals appreciate your well wishes, peasants.

There’s a reason the 5th of November is still a holiday in England.


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