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Sleep ramble and Rob Ager’s Analysis of The Thing

I tell ya, I almost consistently underestimate how much sleep I need on a day to day basis. Last week I was doing well with writing, having written Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But then, Tuesday night, I thought to myself, “Well… I don’t have class tomorrow so I can stay up late and surf the internet!” But, then I still wake up at the same time I always do… which makes me super sleepy throughout the day. And then when I’m super sleepy, I convince myself that I don’t have enough energy to do all my chores.

And skipping a day of chores leads to more skipping of chores. It’s a vicious cycle and tough to get back into the swing of things.

Luckily, I managed to get to bed early last night and so I’m back on the writing train today and hopefully for the rest of the week. I’ve also refocused my mind so that I’ve got the mindset of, “No internet until all my chores are done.” This is a good mindset to have, but might be tough to keep up over the long term. Anyhoo, we’ll see how things go.

So… what’s in the news nowadays? Well… I can’t check the news at the moment, ’cause that counts as internet. So I’ll tell you all about what I did yesterday when I was pissing away the day.

I found some movie analysis by this guy called Rob Ager on youtube. He was first brought to my attention by a post on Reddit – where Ager had made a 10 minute video explaining a crucial plot point in the movie The Thing.

If you haven’t seen The Thing – the original, starring Kurt Russell – then you should download it and watch it. It’s a horror/thriller and is super well done.

The main gist of it is Kurt Russell is some sort of handsome arctic scientist, and he arrives in Antarctica at some research station to do some research. If I remember correctly, he’s out exploring with some fellow scientists when they come across a murdered party of other scientists. After briefly investigating, they head back to their research station – but the implication is that The Thing (which is some sort of alien or bacteria/alien/invisible thing) has accompanied them back to the station. The rest of the movie is an exercise in paranoia, as person after person becomes infected by The Thing, and that makes their guts explode and turn into monsters and all sorts of stuff.

Anyhoo, at one point in The Thing, the uninfected realize that The Thing is infecting people, and some of them may be infected. So they come up with a blood test to determine whether or not people are infected – and they draw a bit of blood from each of the remaining people. This blood is then stored in a temperature controlled safe and locked with a key. Something then happens and they’re all distracted for a bit. (Or they have to leave the blood to cool for an hour or something similar.)

So by the time they get back, they all find that the safe has been opened and the blood’s been tampered with. Immediately, paranoia sets in (or rather, gets ramped up another notch) with everyone pointing the finger at each other. One guy gets blamed and then… stuff happens. (Really, go watch the movie.)

Anyhoo, the main thing about the scene is that there’s only one set of keys… So Ager points out how during the intervening time between when they first draw the blood and when they return to the room, one member gets the keys from the librarian (or whoever holds the keys) and drops them out of fright. So that The Thing would have had the opportunity to obtain these keys without stealing them from the librarian. 

It’s quite a clever bit of analysis, as most people upon seeing that movie figure that it MUST have been the librarian who unlocked the blood safe. It’s a tiny little detail in the movie, but it shows just how well the movie was constructed… and that the outcome that we all thought MUST have been true was likely false.

So yeah – The Thing – it’s an awesome movie and you should watch it. Once you’re done watching it (and you’ve turned on all the lights in your house) hop on over to youtube and search for Rob Ager. He’s done quite a lot of movie analyses, so once you’re done with The Thing analysis, I’m sure you’ll watch all his other videos. Most of them are Kubrick related – and if there’s one director who requires in depth film analysis, it’s Kubrick.


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