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Conspiracies exist

I have to say, I love conspiracies. No matter how crazy or ridiculous, I love reading about conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Why? Well, for starters, some of them are true.

Iran-Contra was an incontrovertible conspiracy, involving rogue government agents operating out of the office of the vice-president and various intelligence agents, both US and Israeli. John Poindexter was charged and arrested for conspiracy. This happened near the end of the 80’s, so when people think that conspiracies are all about wacky ideas involving aliens and time travel, they’re mistaken.

The JFK assassination was clearly a conspiracy. Although people still like to believe that JFK was taken out by a long gunman, in 1978, the US House Select Committee on Assassinations determined that it was likely that JFK was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. Of course, this is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. This November will be the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. See how many times the media mentions Lee Harvey Oswald vs. the number of times the media mentions the 1978 house select committee report.

A very shocking conspiracy that has grounding in fact was the support of the Soviets and the Nazis by US business and corporations. If you read the detailed works of Antony C. Sutton, you’ll see documented evidence that various US corporations funded the Soviets and the Nazis. In fact, Prescott Bush, the father of GHW Bush and grandfather of GW Bush was charged with funding the Nazis, under the trading with the enemy act.

Obviously, 9/11 was a conspiracy. Even this fact is enough to rile people up. But if you believe the US governments version of the events of that day, 19 Saudis hijacked planes and flew them into buildings. These actions were the result of a conspiracy – these 19 (or more) conspirators met beforehand in secret and planned to carry out this attack. The official story of 9/11 is, by definition, a conspiracy theory.

Of course, I think you’ll find that there’s quite a bit of debate about who knew what at what time on those days… But that’s another story for another day…


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The US has no credibility when it comes to foreign conflict

Why does the US still have any credibility on the world stage when it comes to foreign affairs? Especially when war is concerned.

I see now that John Kerry, Obama’s new secretary of state (y’know, ’cause the old one got shitcanned for getting American citizens killed and then covering up what really happened so she didn’t get subpoenaed) is saying that the Assad regime in Syria used chemical weapons on its own citizens.

Meanwhile, Assad is saying that he didn’t use chemical weapons.

You know who I think is more trustworthy? Assad.

Remember how the US invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction? Except that, of course, they didn’t. That’s minus one credibility point for the US.

Remember how the US invaded Vietnam because North Vietnamese patrol boats fired on American ships? Except that, of course, they didn’t. Minus another credibility point for the US.

Remember how George Bush said, after 9/11, that they wouldn’t make a distinction between the terrorists and the countries that harbour them. And then they (allegedly) found Osama Bin Laden hiding out in Pakistan. So naturally the US attacked Pakistan, right? Except, of course, they didn’t.

Remember how the US said they were committed to democracy around the world? Then they assassinated Salvador Allende, Jacobo Arbenz, installed the Shah of Iran and supported various dictators around the globe?

The US has lost all credibility when it comes to conflict around the world. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the heinous shit the US has done. 

The US should shut the fuck up before they drag us all into WWIII – although I’m sure this is what the military industrial complex wants.


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Trudeau smoked pot… Awesome.

So it appears that Justin Trudeau has come clean and said he smoked cannabis. Fucking great! If the Liberals had any balls, they’d push hard for complete legalization.

First of all, the public is sick of the lies about cannabis. Cannabis will not, for example, turn men into raving loony psychos. Cannabis is not, for example, the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind. (PS: Fuck you Anslinger!)

Honestly, there have been 0 recorded deaths due to cannabis overdosing in recorded history. The idea that cannabis is harmful in anyway has been continually debunked.

Further, the history of cannabis (at least in America) is a history of racism. First Hearst demonized cannabis in his papers, to incite hatred against Mexicans. (There’s a reason most people still call it ‘marijuana.’) Subsequently, Harry J. Anslinger just made up a bunch of lies during the 1920’s so that cops could arrest black people who were smoking reefer.

Why the fuck should we believe anything the government has to say about cannabis prohibition today, when they’ve been lying to us for ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!!

Cannabis has unbelievable medical potential. It’s been proven to KILL CANCER! Not to mention act as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppresant and anti-emetic. It lowers blood sugar, reduces ocular pressure and would be beneficial ahead of a trip to the dentist. The idea that we still need to argue for cannabis’ medicinal uses is asinine in this day and age.

Beyond the awesomeness of cannabis, we must also remember that cannabis plants grow on hemp stalks. Hemp is probably the most versatile textile on the planet. It’s a viable biofuel, it can easily produce paper, rope and other cloth materials. Remember how during World War II farmers were ordered to grow hemp for the navy? I don’t see that fact paraded around much.

If Trudeau can manage to stand firm, we should finally get an adult debate about the legalization of cannabis in this country. It goes without saying that a major impediment to legalization is the country founded by Puritans to our South. American still has cannabis listed as a schedule I drug, which means there’s no potential for medicine and a high probability of abuse. Both of these are false.

I for one would like to see cannabis legalized and taxed much in the same way as alcohol. It would bring in billions in additional revenue. Billions! Not to mention that by ending the prohibition, gang violence would decrease dramatically. Further, crime itself would decrease dramatically – but only because smoking a joint would no longer be considered a ‘crime.’ 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go participate in some illegal smoking activity.

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Sunday Ramble

Ah, another Sunday is upon us. In two short weeks we will begin the Sunday ritual of turning on the TV at 1:00pm and watching football for 7 straight hours. As I’m a fantasy football player, I usually just watch NFL Red Zone. Red Zone is great – even if you’re not a fantasy football fan – for one reason: NO COMMERCIALS!

If there’s one thing I can do without, it’s fucking commercials. I tend to watch all my tv through downloads, so it’s rare that I do watch commercials anymore. Though companies are plastering them all over the place – youtube, especially. But, ads promote capitalism and who am I to argue against someone trying to make a buck. Ads have their place in the world – but 90% of all ads are insulting and annoying.

Anyhoo… uh, sorta writer’s blocked at the moment. Might as well talk about myself! There’s one subject I never get sick of.

So what’s going on with me? Well, I’m currently on a mini-vacation, as I’m done teaching my class and school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. I plan on using this time to either finish my main result for my thesis, or generalize the current result I have now. In any case, I’ve got lots of good results for my thesis so you can call me doctor at this time next year. 

What else – this weekend was my fantasy football draft weekend. I talked briefly (or at length, depending on who’s asking) about this last week. The cutthroat league draft took 2 hours – and I was roundly criticized for my order of picks. The 6 person league draft happened today and took just under half an hour. I showed up late to my buddy’s house and was forced to use autodraft for my first 3 picks. But it’s a 6 person league, so there’s plenty of talent available in free agency.

What else is goin on? I’m currently reading Midnight’s Children at the moment. It’s a dense, read but it clips along at a good pace. The way Rushdie has structured the narrative is interesting; there’s many hints of what’s to come in the story, but you’ve got to pay close attention because the hints are often buried away in throwaway lines. I really like the book so far – I think it’s probably his most famous work. But I’d be interesting in reading what else he’s done. I do love sweeping, Indian epics.

What else? Today is Sunday, so it’s one of my “online dating” days. (I send 3 new messages every Sunday and Wednesday.) The only problem is that if I see a girl online that I like, and send her a message, I’m almost constantly checking my e-mail to see if she’s written back yet. I suppose this displays neediness on my part, but she doesn’t know how often I’m checking. Regardless, there’s pretty slim pickings online so I’ll supplement my online routine with regular approaches at school.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve regularly approached women. (I learned game back when I was about 22, then got a gf and forgot to practice, then lost my game and dumped the gf.) Luckily, I work on a University campus, so there’s a never-ending supply of hot 20 year olds to approach. Best of all, every year brings a new bumper crop of coeds.

I get older, they stay the same age…. legal.

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Fatteningly Delicious

I’m hungry at the moment… Hungry for delicious breakfast food.

I tell ya what’s a friggin delicious breakfast. Get yourself an English Muffin, an egg, a slice of your favorite cheese and a sausage patty. Toast that English Muffin, cook that egg over easy, fry up that sausage patty (actually, fry up that sausage patty first and then cook the egg in the sausage grease – oh good lord that’s fatteningly delicious). Blot the sausage patty with a paper towel to get rid of most of the surface grease – (grease is only good for cooking, not eating – it’s hot and burns my tongue) – put that sausage patty on the english muffin, smear on a little dab of maple syrup, put the slice of cheese on top of that patty (that patty should be good and hot so the cheese will melt a little bit) – then top it off with the fried egg. Ohmigod you’ve just created the greatest breakfast sandwich known to man!

I call this sandwich the “Eggie McGreggie” and it’s fucking delicious. I could eat about two for breakfast every morning – and then head right back to bed for a nap.

Anyhoo, I’m a big fan of fried eggs in the morning for breakfast. Here’s another delicious breakfast – quicker to make than the E-Mc G too! Toast yourself a couple slices of bread and fry up a couple eggs. Once the toast is done, spread some peanut butter on them and then put an egg on top. Make sure the eggs are runny. The heat from the toast and eggs will melt the peanut butter – so you get a messy breakfast – but egg yellows and peanut butter is again, fatteningly delicious!

Oh man am I ever hungry.

Here’s another great breakfast involving eggs. So, fry yourself up a couple eggs. While the eggs are frying, get yourself some Naan bread and melt some cheese on top (either in the microwave or regular oven.) Then put those eggs on top of the melty cheesy Naan bread – top it with salt and peppers. SO GOOD! OH SO GOOD!!

What’s that, you say? There’s not enough bacon involved with breakfast yet? Here’s one for ya – fry up your eggs. Toast a bagel and cook a couple strips of bacon. (I say a couple strips – really, there should be 6-8 strips of bacon minimum. If you’re going to do bacon, then DO BACON!) Once the bagel’s toasted, slap on the bacon (butter the bagel if you feel your heart needs a workout) – and melt some cheese over that. Then add an egg to each half of the bagel – either eat it as a sandwich or with knife and fork (so it’ll take twice as long and therefore be twice as good!) I’ve seen a similar variant served in a restaurant, except instead of cheese, they had Hollandaise sauce. WOW!

Of course, if all those are too low-cal for ya – here’s a guaranteed put-you-to-sleep-er breakfast. Cook up 3 pancakes, lots of bacon and two fried eggs. Put bacon and eggs on top of pancakes. Add butter and maple syrup. Fattening! (You can make chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry pancakes too – I don’t recommend whipped cream ’cause that doesn’t really go with bacon.)

Man – eggs, is there anything they can’t do?


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Fantasy Football is upon us again. Wives, you may begin your sobbing

Well, football season is just around the corner and you know what that means… It means fantasy football season can finally start! Let the statistical madness begin!

I’m in two FF leagues this year. One’s a 12-person, uber-competitive, trash-talking, head-games-playing, cutthroat league. The other’s a 6-person funsies league, where people like LeSean McCoy and Eli Manning probably wont get drafted.

The live draft for the cutthroat league is tomorrow night. A bunch of us are all getting together at my buddy’s place to drink beer and trash talk during the draft. It’s a snake draft, and I’m in 5th position. This means my first 3 picks are in spots: 5, 20 and 29.

I’ve done a bit of research today, and so I can probably get one of: Doug Martin, Alfred Morris or possibly Marshawn Lynch for my 1st pick. Then maybe Julio Jones, Matt Forte or Andre Johnson for 2nd pick. 3rd pick I’m hoping to pick up Matt Ryan – we’ll see.

It’s always weird how people pick RB’s first, even though QB’s get so much more points. I imagine this is because the point spread can be divided over 14 games or so, so a 50 point difference in point totals per player only translates into about 3.5 extra points a week. I’m sure there’s some mathematical formula I could come up with that would create the optimal drafting choice.

But then again, most of it is luck. If I had the number 2 pick and took Arian Foster, and then Week 2 he gets injured for the rest of the season, then my fantasy season is likely boned. On the other hand, suppose I take a flyer on Danny Amendola in the 7th round and him and Brady light it up this year! It’s sorta tough to predict.

Naturally, I’m trying to rely on statistics as much as possible. It’s a bit like picking stocks – I should be bullish on players playing on winning teams and bearish on played playing for losers. 

There’s also the notion of handcuffing your stars. If I pick a star RB with my 1st pick, then I should definitely try and pick the 2nd string RB for that team, in case my star goes down with turf toe or something.

In my 12 person league, we’ve been playing for 5 years. I think the best I’ve ever placed is 4th. Last year I didn’t even make the top 6, so I’m looking for a strong rebound year this year.

Football! Catch the fever!!


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XBone and PS4 release dates. Oh, and the NHL14 demo

Welp, I played the NHL demo a bunch yesterday. It’s pretty good – although it definitely feels like absolutely everything they’ve changed game-wise could have been patched into NHL 13.

What I’m really looking forward to is the new Live the Life mode (formerly called Be A Pro.) Be A Pro is the one mode I play consistently on NHL 13 – I’ve never played Be A GM or NHL Ultimate Team or whatever other things they’ve got there. I like the idea of Be A Pro – it’s a basic hockey RPG. But now, they’ve jazzed up Be A Pro so that the stuff you do off ice affects your game on ice.

Of course, all this new Live the Life stuff is old hat to the more moneyed franchises run by EA – NFL in particular. So it’s finally here in NHL! Huzzah! It’s just too bad that about half the dev team from NHL started working on NHL 15 the moment the new Xbone was released. Regardless, NHL 14 is sure to be the best iteration of the game on the current gen console.

Of course, we’re already looking ahead to when the new consoles are going to be released. The PS4 (the one I’ll probably get) will be released on November 15. Now, Nov. 15 just so happens to be a Friday – and since American thanksgiving is in November, I’m almost willing to bet that “Black Friday” will be November 15th this year. Clever timing, Sony.

(Aside: Nope – just googled it. Black Friday is Nov. 29th this year. Regardless, Sony getting the PS4 out in time for Black Friday should boost sales like nobody’s business.)

We’re still waiting for the Xbone release date. But given what I’ve just written, if they don’t get the bone out before Nov 29th, they’ve missed quite an opportunity. In any case, it’ll be released sometime around late November/early December. That means this December there should be at least one killer app for each console. We have, I’m sure, many awesome games to look forward too.

In fact, Google tells me that there’s already games ready and waiting in the pipe for the Xbone/PS4 release. Naturally, none of them will hold a candle graphics-wise to an expensive PC (all glory to the pc master race!) – but for mass consumption and ease of controls, you can’t beat the consoles.

As for me – I’ve currently got $2000 saved up and I’m looking for a major PC upgrade. If you’re thinking about buying a PC, first off, think about building your own. Second off, if you’re going to build your own, your first stop should be to the awesome website If you know anything about computers and computer parts, you’ll waste hours on this site building your ultimate PC.


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Oh man! The NHL 14 demo is here! I can’t wait to play it!

One of my rules during the day is that I can’t surf the net or watch tv or play video games until all my goals are done. I’ve only got 3 things left to do! Soon I will be enjoying new hockey goodness! Huzzah!

Anyhoo, I think my brain resents that post I wrote awhile back about how he (my brain, I call him ‘Thinker’) was an asshole. And so Thinker responded in kind, last night, by not letting me fall asleep.

I went to bed around 11:15pm. And I was plenty tired from the day, because I’d done a bunch of cardio at the gym, and I got up at 7:00am. So I was expecting to fall asleep right away.

“Bzzt! Wrong. Let’s keep you up until 2:00am!” said Thinker.

As a result, I’m pretty tired today… and this post may appear somewhat scattered.

Anyhoo… I think I might’ve found a way to improve the conditions of my thesis. Of course, they’re highly technical and I can’t get into them here without installing some sort of Latex-Wordpress Add on.

Hmm… I wonder if there is such a thing?

Anyhoo… sorta stuck for ideas on what to write about today. I’m so friggin tired… I think I will get another Tim Horton’s extra large coffee in a short while. I’m determined not to nap today, so I can go to bed early. In the meantime, things are going slowly…

Tell ya what – let’s talk about cutie pie honey bunches.


This is my brother’s dog Mack. I like to call him Honey Bunches.


Here he is snoozing.


Here he is dozing.


How cute! He’s all tuckered out.


And here he is after a visit from the sandman.

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A rant about students today – then a bit about weed

Here’s a tip for all you students: GO TO FUCKING CLASS!

I recently had the final exam in the class I taught over the summer. (The class was introduction to functions and graphs – basic, high school level mathematics.) I only had 11 students, so marking went fast. (Thank flaming Christ.) 1 student just plain ol’ missed the final exam, so I only had 10 exams to mark. Most of the students got about 80 or higher – one got a 67, and one got a 38.5 (out of 100.)

Now, most of the students were basically good students. Showed up to class, asked questions, took advantage of office hours, did their homeworks, etc… However, the guy that flunked the final didn’t show up to class, didn’t do the homeworks, never came to office hours or tutorials, etc… Basically, he didn’t show any initiative throughout the 3 months of class.

Now, the kid that got a 38.5 put the following note on the final page of his exam, “Please! A pass in this course is all I need!”

That infuriated me! What, you’re not gonna put in any goddamn effort and you expect me to pass you ’cause you asked nicely!?! What kind of self-entitled cunt does something like that?

Christ – you need a pass in this class? Well then I need you to actually show up to class and pay attention! 

Jesus tap-dancing Christ – you don’t show up for 3 months, don’t put in any effort, clearly don’t understand any of the material, and you want a pass just because!?

I’ll tell ya this – if I had rounded up the term marks (4 tests worth 12.5% of your final grade) and rounded up the exam (50% of the final mark) and then rounded up the final, this slacker would have gotten and even 50/100 – which would have been good enough to pass the course. In fact, that would have been the lowest acceptable mark to pass the class.

But I sure as hell didn’t do that. 

Hey man – maybe you didn’t notice, what with all the not going to class and everything – but everyone else got A’s in the class. And the kid that got a C – he visited office hours many times, asked a bunch of questions, and put in a great deal of effort throughout the term. That guy I rounded up the marks for.

But you, with your lackadaisical self-entitled attitude? Fuck you – you fail the course and you deserve to fail.

Whew – glad I got that outta my system. I know I’m getting older when I’m complaining about the attitudes of kids today. (And stuff costs more than it used to! Bleah! Everything’s changing!)

Anyhoo, I’m done teaching and so I get a little mini-break for the next 3 to 4 weeks until school “kicks in” again and I’m back to regular TA duties. That’s great for me, because I plan on doing lots of work on my thesis.

As an aside, I tell ya – there’s nothing I like more than smoking a big doober and doing math. Ohmigod, I can get lost in math like nobody’s business when I’m high.

People think that being high makes you lazy or stupid – not true. (Well, it may make you… not lazy, but inertially challenged.) When you’re high, your thoughts tend to “tumble” – which isn’t a scientific term – but you do make different associations with things when you’re high. Hey! You know what that might help with? High level theoretical mathematics, where breakthroughs depend on making previously unseen, far-out connections between mathematical ideas.

Cannabis. It’s time has come. Legalize it and enjoy the massive tax revenues and potentially thousands of new income streams.

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Cannabis, paranoia, Rome: Total War and NHL 14

Man, I think I’m getting too old for cannabis.

I mean, last night, I had the house to myself. Which doesn’t happen very often, so I planned to take full advantage of the situation. So I rolled myself a couple doobers and set in to play a nice long session of Rome: Total War.

After I’m about halfway through the first dub, I start getting that nice tingly sensation all over – like my brain has decided to relax in a hot tub. It was very nice for 10 or 20 minutes… and then the paranoia takes over.

I guess the problem was that I was in a big empty house, and my brain is an asshole. So after about 20 minutes my brain starts whispering into my head, “Dude… did I just hear something?”

Christ – shut up brain, I’m trying to take over Europe here. I’m sure I heard nothing.

And then I’ll relax a bit and my brain will say, “Ok. I’m sure I heard something.”

I will tell my brain, It’s probably the house settling or something.

We’ll be ok for 2 or 3 minutes, before there’s either a minute creak somewhere within the house, or there’ll be some background noise on the game I’m playing that sounds like it came from over there, or a car will drive by which makes the house shake a bit, etc… Some minor, minor thing will happen and my brain will flare up. “Dude! That sound! It can only be a crazed, axe-wielding maniac who’s hiding outside your door at this very moment! We’re goners! AAAAH!!! Time to panic!”

Of course, my body is going to listen to my brain, so my palms will get clammy and my heart will start racing and I’ll be all tense. Then I will firmly and decisively tell my brain, Hey man, look, I’m a mathematician. It is extremely unlikely that there is an axe-wielding maniac in this house. The most likely thing that will happen is I’ll play my game, jerk off, and go to bed. So fucking relax, brain, and let’s figure out how we can take over the Iberian peninsula.

Then things will calm down for an hour or so. But then I’ll lose my buzz, and finish the other half of that doober I had. And of course my stupid brain will start up again, “Hey man. Let’s just go down to the basement just to be sure.”

Augh! Fuck off brain!

Yeah. So either I’ve outgrown cannabis or my brain is the asshole that people perceive ME to be! (It’s probably this 2nd one.)

It’s just too bad that cannabis has all these health benefits that I need to take advantage of: immunosuppresant, anti-inflammatory, promotes bone growth and kills cancer. So I doubt I’ll quit smoking it anytime soon. 

In other video game news, we’re less than a month away from the release of NHL 14. I’m super stoked!! NHL 14 is the only videogame I regularly play on the Xbox, so I don’t mind squandering a precious $70 on the latest roster update, because my annual Xbox costs are: $70 for NHL14 and $60 for Xbox live. That’s a little more than $10 a month, so it’s easily justified.

The demo for NHL14 drops this Tuesday (August 20th) and the general release is on the 10th of September. There’s supposed to be better collisions, a more improved Be A Pro (one of the few game modes I play), better deking ability, all sorts of stuff! Of course, I’ll be nitpicking to death once I’ve had sufficient time with it… but EA NHL is still (and has been for about 10 years) the best hockey video game out there. CAN’T WAIT!!!

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