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Not that there’s anything wrong with that

I’m sort of conflicted when it comes to gay rights.

First of all, I’m of the opinion that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. If two people love each other and want to scissor or touch wieners, that’s none of my damn business. Whatever happens in the bedroom of two (or more) consenting adults is not a matter of the state.

The other thing is that being gay is obviously not a choice – it’s genetic. This should be obvious to anyone who’s taken intro to biology. Built into every living creature is the biological drive to reproduce – to create more of your species. This is the absolute foundation of life – the ability to create a copy of oneself. This is why parasites and viruses are not inherently bad, they are just following their prime directive – make more copies!

In humans, this fundamental drive translates into attraction for the opposite sex. (Not only humans, but all mammals.) If mammals weren’t attracted to the opposite sex, then life would quickly die out. (Unless alcohol were plentiful.)

Hence, if a person is attracted to a member of the same sex, this contradicts the fundamental biological imperative. The idea that one chooses to be attracted to members of the same sex implies that it’s a matter of choice whether or not we choose to reproduce. Which implies that this matter of choice was present when humanity first crawled out of the muck.

So that’s clearly nonsense… one doesn’t choose to be gay. It just happens! (If it were a choice, I’d be gay so fast – for one, I wouldn’t have to deal with women anymore. And two, I’d get laid like a rock star.)

Ok, so we’ve established that there’s nothing wrong with being gay and that people who are gay are born that way, and they can’t change it. (I should mention that most mammalian species exhibit about a 5-6% level of gayness among the population, which is about the same as you’d get with humans.)

What I do have a problem with is the special interest groups surrounding gay people. For example, the pride parade.

Do we really need a pride parade? Because, let’s face it, by definition, being gay is “abnormal” – in the biological sense. There’s a difference between gay acceptance and gay promotion.

I think it’s ok to be gay, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to spend taxpayer money on a  parade to celebrate the 5% of society that is gay. We don’t have a parade for foot fetishists, or S&M celebrants.

If we’re going to have a parade for a sexual proclivity which is not celebrated by a majority of people, why only stop with a gay parade? Where’s the parade for latex lovers? Or an obese granny parade?

I’m sure someone who pissed away 4 years studying “gender theory” would love to shout me down and argue why we need a pride parade. But spending taxpayer money on the celebration of an abnormal sexual activity is a waste of money, in my opinion.

However, don’t get me started on transgenderism. That’s a huge case of feelings triumphing over logic.


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