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Luther is a creepy show. Too creepy to watch by myself when I’m alone.

There’s a great show out by the BBC called Luther. It’s about a “hard-boiled” homicide detective who always manages to out-think his opponents. It’s almost like if Sherlock Holmes were gritted up and involved an ongoing story arc about the sanity of the main character. Ok, it’s not really anything at all like Sherlock.

Anyhoo, Luther stars Idris Elba as the titular character. Elba is perhaps best well know for his portrayal of Stringer Bell in The Wire. (He’s been other stuff as well…) What’s surprising is that Elba is actually British, so his accent in Luther is all natural. (Know how else I know it’s all natural – I can’t understand a lot of what he’s saying.)

So Luther is in it’s 3rd season and I’m not sure if there’s going to be a 4th. I’m currently paused on the 1st episode of the 3rd season because IT’S TOO INTENSE!! (I had a similar problem when I was watching Breaking Bad – I mean, you just KNOW some bad shit is gonna go down… you just don’t know when. And BB takes the whole episode to slooowly ratchet up the tension until I’m squirming in my seat and cringing, waiting for the other shoe to drop.)

Currently, in the 1st episode of the 3rd season, Luther is investigating 2 murders; one is a creepy, fetish, serial-killer dress up weird-o type of murder. The other looks to be a revenge killing for an online troll. On top of this, Luther’s partner  Ripley is being setup by a rough and tumble character from internal affairs who’s looking to put the screws to Luther – so Ripley is wired on every call he goes out on with Luther.

The episode is goddamn excruciating to watch. (And I mean excruciating in the tension sense, not excruciating as in bad… The show is very very good! But tense!) First of all, before the creepy fetish killer attacks, we can see him walking around the victim’s house (with the appropriate creepy music playing in the background.) Plus we know that Ripley is wired, so that everything that him and Luther say is fed directly back to the scumbag internal affairs guy. PLUS Luther still has a couple skeletons in his closet from last season hanging around.

Guh – I put it on pause 3 days ago and haven’t had the stones to watch it again. But I WILL have to watch it again, if only to see what happens to Luther.

The other thing about the show is that it’s very gray and gritty. Not to mention fear inducing. There’s one episode from last season which featured a couple of spree killers – and one scene had a spree killer pretend he was a delivery man and walk into an office building, then just starting swinging away with a hammer!

The show does “creepy” very well. Almost too well! I sort of get the feeling that I wont be watching the rest of episode 1 tonight because it’s dark out and I’m alone in this big house.


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