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The new Doctor is coming! What is John Hurt going to do?

So there’s a new Doctor Who in town! The actor Peter Capaldi will be playing the 12th incarnation of the doctor whenever the new series feels like starting up. There’s a big 50 year special sometime around November, and then we get to learn what the deal is with John Hurt and all that sort of nonsense.

I only sort of follow Dr. Who. I’ve seen all the episodes, but I only sort of half-heartedly paid attention during the last series. I wasn’t a huge fan of Amy Pond and so I only was sort of paying attention when her and Rory were mucking about with the doctor. Then Clara was the companion for awhile, and I liked her very much… but she has some weird timeline accident and now she’s either gone forever or is a ghost like River or something.

Anyhoo, Dr. Who with Tennant & Rose was the best. The reboot started well with Chris Ecclestone playing the Dr. – but he got annoyed about something and so David Tennant took over in Season 2. Then Rose disappeared and Martha and Torchwood showed up and there was a bunch of kerfuffle. That whole arc with Tennant was really good.

Matt Smith was sort of meh, in my opinion. Mainly because I didn’t like his companions. But that’s the way it goes, I suppose.

I haven’t seen any Dr. Who before the reboot, so I don’t know much of the lore surrounding Dr. Who. I do know a few things, though

  • Dr. Who is a timelord – which has all the physical appearance of a human, but can manipulate time in various ways.
  • Dr. Who comes from the planet Gallifrey, which was blown up in the Time Wars. We’re led to believe that Dr. Who himself was instrumental in blowing up his own planet. (Destroying the planet in order to save it, or something like that.)
  • Dr. Who has two hearts.
  • A sonic screwdriver can fix just about anything.
  • Dr. Who has a time machine called the TARDIS (Time and relative dimensions in space… or something like that.) It has a busted Johnson rod and so it’s camouflage is permanently fixed to be a 1960’s looking telephone booth.
  • Dr. Who’s arch enemy is also a Timelord from Gallifrey called The Master. The Master is generally pretty badass.

That’s about the sum total of what I know about Dr. Who – and anyone of those points could be entirely wrong.

I don’t follow Dr. Who as closely as some slavering maniacs out there, so I’m sure my knowledge is not up to nerd-level scrutiny. But I can generally get by in any Dr. Who related conversation.


That’s enough about Dr. Who. If I had to think of some other spectacular Sci-Fi series that I liked, I’d be hard pressed to think of many. There’s Firefly, of course, possibly the greatest sci-fi series ever. And…. anything else? 

Mmmm, not really. Not a fan of any of the Star Treks. I watched Battlestar Galactica but abandoned it during the final season – it got too stupid, and I hated whoever played Starbuck and whoever was played by Mary McDonnell. Futurama doesn’t count, because it’s classified as a cartoon.

Yeah, that’s sort of frightful that I can’t think of any other good sci-fi series I like to watch. This is bad. I’m in serious danger of losing nerd cred. 


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